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Changan Automobile sales of 169000 vehicles in August increased by 35.6% compared with the same period last year.
Sep 9,2020 08:16CST
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SMM Network News: September 8, Changan Automobile released August production and marketing KuaiBao. Data show that Changan Automobile Group sold a total of 169415 new cars in August, an increase of 35.6% over the same period last year. As of August, the cumulative sales of Changan Automobile reached 1.165 million vehicles in 2020, up 9.5 per cent from the same period last year and 61 per cent compared with the sales target of 1.91 million vehicles for the whole year.

Independent brands rose 39.5%, and new car sales were eye-catching.

Changan Chinese brands are still the main contributor to the group's counter-trend growth, with sales of 128416 vehicles in August, an increase of 39.5% over the same period last year. So far, the historical cumulative sales of Changan Chinese brands have exceeded 19 million.

Subdivided into specific models, the Changan CS75 family is still relatively strong, with sales of 22456 vehicles in August, exceeding 20, 000 for five consecutive months; Changan Auchan has a relatively stable performance, with sales of 10494 vehicles in August; with the lifting of the ban on pickups, Changan Kaicheng achieved sales of 26121 vehicles in August.

In addition, many new cars on the market this year have also played a big role in promoting the sales of independent brands. Among them, Changan Yizhi PLUS, which was launched in March, sold 17776 vehicles in August, while UNI-T, the first SUV model in the high-end series of Changan passenger cars (listed on June 21), sold 10186 vehicles a month, selling more than 10,000 vehicles for two months in a row. In addition, the blue whale duo, which is composed of Changan CS55 PLUS and Ruicheng CC, achieved monthly sales of 10056 vehicles shortly after its launch on August 17, which shows the market appeal. Recently, CS75 PLUS launched 2021 models, and Changan Auchan X5 is about to be launched, the release of these new cars is expected to continue to drive Changan independent sales to maintain a high growth rate.

"with the continuous introduction of new products of our own brands and the improvement of product strength, the growth trend of Changan Automobile will continue to improve in 2020, which will help the enterprise's annual performance to rise." Analysts at the Global Automotive Research Institute pointed out. According to the latest financial report of Changan Automobile, the company's revenue in the first half of the year was 32.782 billion yuan, up 9.73 percent from the same period last year, and the net profit belonging to listed companies was 2.602 billion yuan, up 216.17 percent from the same period last year.

Joint venture brands continue to pick up

Changan has also achieved impressive sales results in joint venture brands, with Changan Ford selling 20229 vehicles in August, up about 37 per cent from a year earlier. Analysts at the Global Automotive Research Institute believe that the achievement of Changan Ford in August has a lot to do with the adjustment of its product strategy. at present, Ford has accelerated the production of new products, focusing on the launch of SUV models, catering to the market and consumer demand, especially the launch of Ruiji has driven its sales volume to grow rapidly.

In 2020, Ruiji Smart Edition and the new sixth-generation Ford Explorer will be launched. Ruiji smart version and four-wheel-drive version form a differentiated lineup, and the smart version even lowers the entry threshold to 170000 yuan, forming its own school of intelligence and performance, successfully attracting young consumers. Explorers, on the other hand, continue to promote sales with a higher value experience, with a total sales of 5403 units so far, and market orders have reached 9147 units.

Another joint venture brand, Changan Mazda, also performed well in August, with sales of 11475 vehicles, up 11.5 per cent from a year earlier. The Onksera remains the main model, selling 7248 vehicles a month. In the later stage, with the arrival of Mazda CX-30 and brand-new Mazda 3 equipped with e-Chuangchi Blue Sky X engine, it may drive the continued growth of Changan Mazda sales.

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