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Tesla Shanghai Phase II Project is about to be put into production * Tesla's German sales soared 457% in August compared with the same period last year.
Sep 7,2020 09:57CST
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[the main structure of Tesla Shanghai Phase II Project is about to be put into production] the construction of the main body of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory Phase II project began in February and March this year respectively. At present, the main structure and peripheral structure have been fully completed, the mechanical and electrical project has also been basically completed, the finishing work of hardcover is being carried out, and the mechanical and electrical debugging work has begun at the same time. It is expected to be completed on schedule in October and November respectively. The second phase of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory will be mainly used in the production and manufacture of Model Y. Tesla plans to start mass production of Model Y in the first quarter of 2021.

[Tesla's German sales soared 457 per cent year-on-year in August] German electric car sales rose 221.5 per cent to 16076 in August, according to figures released by the German transport ministry. Among them, Tesla's sales of 2846 vehicles, soaring 457% year-on-year, but also accounted for nearly 18% of Germany's electric vehicle market share.

[100% reuse Tesla online battery recycling business] recently, it was learned from officials that Tesla has launched a battery recycling service in China, claiming that it can recover "any batteries that no longer meet customer needs." and these lithium-ion batteries 100% will be recycled. If customers want to use the service, they can contact Tesla customer service center. At present, Tesla does not promote the battery recycling service with great fanfare, but only introduces the battery recycling in the question and answer interface of the official website. Tesla said in the introduction that the reason for launching the battery recycling service is for environmental and commercial considerations, and service centers around the world can recycle batteries. Tesla officials said that "every effort will be made to extend the service life" of the recycled battery, and when the battery's service life expires, valuable materials inside the battery can be extracted for reuse instead of landfill disposal.


[Hongguang MINI EV sales reached 15000 month-on-month growth of 104 per cent] A few days ago, SAIC GM Wuling officially announced that Hongguang MINI EV sold as much as 15000 vehicles in August, up 104 per cent from the previous month, with an one-day peak of 706vehicles. Since its launch, the sales of this new car has reached 23396, which has become the sales responsibility of SAIC GM Wuling new energy section.

[Lulai Motor has raised more than 25 billion yuan of self-driving financing this year, and the overseas market has become its main investment direction.] once the situation is in jeopardy, Lulai Motor has seemed to be "open" in the financing field since the beginning of this year. According to statistics, as of September 3, the total amount of financing of Lulai Motor in the primary and secondary markets exceeded 25 billion yuan, or about 25.4 billion yuan. Among them, it does not include 10.4 billion yuan of unsecured, unsecured comprehensive credit. "View details

[Volvo global sales exceeded 50,000 vehicles in August: growth in China and the United States] Geely's acquisition of Volvo 10 years ago is still being talked about at home, in order to save Volvo's unbearable sales. Geely gave Volvo 10 billion blood transfusions and finally saved the failing car company. Volvo's official sales figures show that Volvo sold 16000 vehicles in China in August, up 11.4% from a year earlier, and Volvo's sales in China have grown by double digits for five consecutive months since then.

[Volkswagen ID.4 interior preview chart is expected to debut on Sept. 23] earlier, Volkswagen officially released some pictures of the ID.4 model, but did not show the bright spot of the car. It has officially released a preview map of the interior of the ID.4 model, and you can see that the picture reveals almost any detail of the interior. In addition, the Volkswagen ID.4 is expected to make its global debut on September 23, and the first models are scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year, and will be made in SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen joint ventures in the future.

"2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum"

It was solemnly held in Shanghai from September 17 to 18.

During the reform period of the "four modernizations of the automobile", intelligent network connection, new energy, lightweight and intelligent manufacturing entered the field of the automobile industry, and the automobile era was reinterpreted. The surging changes require the industry to continue to integrate and innovate, and quickly promote the development rate of automobile enterprises. With the emergence of self-driving and intelligent cars, Internet companies, which are not active in the automotive field, have more opportunities to show their talents; the double points policy is becoming an important driving force for the development of China's new energy vehicle industry; in the face of environmental constraints, car companies speed up the application of advanced lightweight components and technologies to achieve vehicle weight loss. With the continuous promotion of the strategies of "Industrial 4.0" and "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has become a new challenge of upgrading and transformation.

Under the guidance of the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission and the Shanghai Federation of Industrial economy, in order to accelerate the application of automobile lightweight and product lines, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, together with Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die casting Technology Association and Shanghai Nonferrous Network, jointly held the "2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum". Jointly discuss material solutions, co-casting automobile industry chain green development closed loop, and strive to build an excellent communication and cooperation platform for the whole automobile industry chain, and lead the creation of advanced automobile industry clusters.

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