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China, the United States and Europe rose Volvo and sold 50,000 vehicles worldwide in August.
Sep 5,2020 17:20CST
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SMM: a few days ago, Volvo officially announced the latest sales results. Data show that Volvo sold 16000 vehicles in China in August, up 11.4 per cent from a year earlier. From January to August, Volvo sold 96000 new cars in China, up 1.5 per cent from a year earlier.

Globally, Volvo sales rose 7.2 per cent year-on-year to 51000 vehicles in August; regionally, in addition to China, the US and European markets also rose, with Europe up 4.9 per cent to sell 17000 vehicles and 10000 in the US up 12.9 per cent.

From January to August, a total of 383000 new cars were sold worldwide, down 13.5% from the same period last year. In terms of specific model performance, globally, Volvo's SUV product camp performed better, accounting for 71 per cent of Volvo's total sales. In August, the top three single model sales were Volvo XC60, XC40 and XC90. From January to August, Volvo sold 113000 XC60, 100000 XC40 and 54000 XC90.

In terms of China's single market, the cumulative sales of XC60, S90, XC60 new energy and S60 have all exceeded 10,000; from the contribution of cars and SUV, their performance is relatively balanced. It is worth mentioning that on September 4, the Volvo Daqing plant welcomed 200000 vehicles off the line, the offline model is the Volvo S90 plug-in hybrid version; in addition, the Volvo Daqing plant is the only production base of the S90 in the world. China's production and global exports have been realized.

Editor's comments:

At the time of the acquisition of Volvo, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely, said that as a high-end Swedish luxury brand, Volvo is a tiger, and what Geely has to do is to "let the tiger go back to the mountain". From the perspective of market performance, over the past decade, Volvo's global sales have doubled and the Chinese market has quintupled. Volvo has indeed achieved rapid growth.

At present, Volvo's performance in the Chinese market is more balanced, while the performance of the European and American car market is weaker than that of the SUV, but from another point of view, this is Volvo's next potential growth point. To follow up on the electrification transition, Volvo plans to account for half of its all-electric sales by 2025, with the rest hybrid; Volvo will launch China's first all-electric model, the XC40, in the second half of this year.

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