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Weima's August sales increased 143% compared with the same period last year, achieving six consecutive increases over the previous month.
Sep 4,2020 08:23CST
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SMM: with the global car market gradually getting rid of the impact of the epidemic, the new energy vehicle market ushered in the "rainbow after the rain." The "number one smart car" Weima car continued its strong growth momentum, with sales reaching 2057 units in August, an increase of 143% over the same period last year, achieving "six consecutive increases" compared with the previous month, once again setting a new monthly sales record for the year! Since the launch of delivery in September 2018, its first intelligent pure electric SUV Weima EX5 continues to be the top seller of single model in the new force of car building.

The total mileage of Weima users is more than 500 million kilometers.

With the rising sales, the cumulative mileage of Weima users has exceeded 500 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 100 times the total mileage of the national highway. (the total mileage of roads across the country reached 501.25 kilometers by the end of 2019, according to the Ministry of Transport.) among them, the easy experience of smart driving makes users call "above". In 2019, Weima Automobile has taken the lead in mass production of the most fully functional L2 driving assistance technology-Living Pilot Zhixing assist system, including 12 driving assistance functions, such as ACCA adaptive cruise with parking function, TJA low-speed follow-up assistance, APA automatic parking assistance, and so on. According to the Weima big data platform, as of August this year, the total mileage of Weima users using the L2 intelligent driving assistance system has reached 31.45 million kilometers, and users have used the APA automatic parking function more than 880000 times.

Firmly in the leading camp of the new forces, opening 30 new stores in August

As a leading enterprise of new forces in car building, Weima Automobile is the only brand in intelligent electric vehicles that focuses on the mainstream passenger car market of 15-250000 yuan. Relying on the accurate analysis of user demand and market potential on the big data platform, Weima empowers a new retail model with innovative thinking, constantly optimizes the strategic layout of channels, and accelerates the development of more lightweight and diversified user contacts in the sub-center of the city. In August, Weimar opened 30 new stores across the country, and the number of new stores has reached 94 so far this year.

Since the beginning of this year, while continuously accelerating the channel expansion plan of "Qiancheng Qiandian", Weima Motor has focused more on getting through consumer groups in different circles and making friends with users. Recently, the "CITY LIVE Weima Pure electricity Summer", which covers nearly 20 cities across the country, has continued to be popular. Through cross-border cooperation with national trendy brands such as Tsing Tao Beer and Taobao creation Festival, high-frequency consumption has driven low-frequency consumption, accurately reaching young groups. In the past three months, Weima member fans have increased by 150%.

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