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[SMM investigation] New technology promotes the development of laterite nickel mine and the continuous promotion of Meishan conformance nickel mine project.
Sep 3,2020 15:41CST
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SMM9 March 3: recently, the Meishan Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment issued a reply to the environmental impact report on the test line project of laterite nickel ore process development and verification of Meishan adaptation Power Battery Materials Co., Ltd. The project is strictly in accordance with the nature, scale, technology, location and eco-environmental protection measures to be taken of the construction project listed in the report, and the adverse impact on the ecological environment can be mitigated and controlled. The Bureau of Ecological Environment agrees in principle with the conclusions of the report.

It is reported that the project is located in Meishan High-tech Industrial Park. In the existing plant of Meishan adaptation Power Battery Materials Co., Ltd., the project buys and installs production equipment to build a pilot test line of laterite nickel ore process, which is divided into three zones: wet process zone, nitrate suan magnesium decomposition zone and nitrate suan conversion zone. The total construction area of the project is 1250 square meters, with a total investment of 11 million yuan. Some of the products of the test line were returned to the existing production line in the factory area, and some of them were displayed as samples, and the project was put on record in Meishan Economic and Information Bureau.

As an important raw material of power battery for new energy vehicles, nickel laterite has attracted much attention in the market. how to exploit it efficiently is a major technical problem faced by enterprises. in June this year, in view of the problem that sulfuric acid pressure leaching of laterite nickel ore requires high temperature and high pressure and the leaching iron slag can not be comprehensively utilized, the team of Professor Wang Chengyan of Beijing University of Science and Technology and Meishan conformance Power Battery material Co., Ltd. through technological innovation, Jointly developed the nitrate suan pressure leaching technology system, developed new technologies such as nitrate suan pressure leaching, homogeneous precipitation separation of aluminum and scandium and nickel and cobalt, nitrate suan magnesium concentration / pyrolysis, NOx condensation / pressure absorption and regeneration of nitrate suan, etc., realizing the efficient resource utilization of nickel, cobalt and scandium, especially the comprehensive recovery of iron, magnesium and aluminum and nitrate suan regeneration cycle for the first time, with high metal recovery, low treatment cost and little impact on the environment.

According to the relevant data, the leaching conditions of the technology are mild, the leaching rate of nickel and cobalt is more than 95%, the recovery rate is more than 92%, the iron is produced by iron concentrate, the iron grade is more than 60%, the recovery rate of nitrate suan in the whole process is more than 97%, and the concentration of NOx in tail gas after absorption. The technology has the advantages of low investment and low production cost, and realizes the comprehensive recovery of many valuable components in cinnamon-type laterite nickel ore. It is environmentally friendly. If popularized and applied, the expected economic and social benefits are remarkable.

As far as SMM knows, the output of nickel sulfate in Meishan Power Battery material Co., Ltd. is stable, and its raw materials are made of 100% waste. It has a laterite nickel mine project in the Philippines, and recently applied for a patent for the high pressure nitrate suan method together with Peking University of Science and Technology, and will use this method to make nickel laterite into intermediate products. It is expected that the mine will be put into production in the middle of next year, with an estimated output of 1000 nickel tons in the first year. The new nickel sulfate plant is estimated to be completed in early 2021. The raw materials for the production of nickel sulfate in the new plant will all use intermediate products made from our own mines.

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