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BYD Brazil Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory officially put into production * Tesla production speed up Model Y delivery time shortened
Sep 2,2020 09:56CST
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[the China Automobile Association released the list of 36 models involved in the second batch of new energy vehicles going to the countryside] on September 1, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the list of the second batch of enterprises and models involved in the activities of new energy vehicles to the countryside. The list includes 14 companies, including SAIC GM Wuling, BYD, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Chery Commercial vehicle, and a total of 36 models. "View details

[BYD Brazil Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory officially puts into production 18000 battery modules per year] recently, BYD's lithium iron phosphate battery factory in Manaus, Brazil has been officially put into production, with an annual production capacity of 18000 battery modules. This is BYD's third factory in Brazil and the first lithium iron phosphate battery factory in Brazil, with an investment of about 15 million reais (US $2.7 million) and covers an area of 5000 square meters. "View details

[Tesla production acceleration Model Y delivery time reduced to 2-4 weeks] according to Tesla's official website, the delivery time of, Model Y models has been shortened from 4-6 weeks to 2-4 weeks. This means that North American customers will be able to receive their car orders by the end of the third quarter. According to media reports, the acceleration of Tesla's production is related to the casting machine that was recently put into use at the Fremont plant. Tesla China released information on the production of Model Y in the media on Aug. 24, in which a statement said that the huge casting machine had been put into use at the Fremont plant. At the same time, the installation of the GA 4.5 production line dedicated to the production of Model Y models has been completed in this factory. "View details

Find another way? Honda's first pure electric car featuring "small" battery capacity is only half that of the Model 3.] on Aug. 27, Honda officially announced that it would launch its first production pure electric car, the Honda e, in Europe and Japan on Oct. 30, with a minimum suggested retail price of about 4.5 million yen (about 292000 yuan). The Honda e is a compact model that is used only for urban driving. The car can only travel 280km on a single charge and has only half the battery capacity of Tesla's Model 3. Another design highlight of the model is the removal of the rearview mirror. "View details

[the first batch of 700VW ID.3 arriving in Norway is about to begin delivery] Volkswagen has reportedly confirmed that the first 700VW ID.3 pure electric vehicles have arrived in Norway, and delivery of the new model, which is vital to Volkswagen, is about to begin. As Volkswagen's first electric vehicle based on the MEB platform, ID.3 will lead Volkswagen's electric offensive. The development and release process of ID.3 is a little different from other vehicles. Volkswagen started production of the ID.3 in November last year, producing thousands of ID.3 before the development of vehicle software was completed. As a result, Volkswagen has ample inventory of ID.3, which will be delivered to consumers in the coming weeks. "View details

[Ren Zeping: automotive services and energy services will become Tesla's new growth points] Evergrande Research Institute Ren Zeping, Lian Yi, and Xie Jiaqi said in a post that Tesla's leading edge in the field of electrification may be gradually reduced in the future. the core competitiveness lies in intelligence, self-driving technology, data and brand. In the long run, automotive services and energy services will become new growth points for Tesla. Tesla has established a global direct store and charging network, continuously push new software and functions to users through OTA, Tesla is continuing to build online + offline, automobile + energy service closed loop. When fully autopilot matures, Tesla will also build his own fleet to provide taxi services.

(Ford CEO: self-built factory to produce electric car batteries is not good for Ford) news on September 1, Tesla spent a lot of money to build a super factory in Nevada, where Panasonic produces batteries for Tesla, but Ford, which is committed to developing electric vehicles, has no plans to build its own factory to produce batteries. Ford has no plans to build its own electric car battery plant at this stage, executives, including CEO Jim Hackett (Jim Hackett), revealed on a conference call with earnings analysts in the second quarter.

"2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum"

It was solemnly held in Shanghai from September 17 to 18.

During the reform period of the "four modernizations of the automobile", intelligent network connection, new energy, lightweight and intelligent manufacturing entered the field of the automobile industry, and the automobile era was reinterpreted. The surging changes require the industry to continue to integrate and innovate, and quickly promote the development rate of automobile enterprises. With the emergence of self-driving and intelligent cars, Internet companies, which are not active in the automotive field, have more opportunities to show their talents; the double points policy is becoming an important driving force for the development of China's new energy vehicle industry; in the face of environmental constraints, car companies speed up the application of advanced lightweight components and technologies to achieve vehicle weight loss. With the continuous promotion of the strategies of "Industrial 4.0" and "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has become a new challenge of upgrading and transformation.

Under the guidance of the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission and the Shanghai Federation of Industrial economy, in order to accelerate the application of automobile lightweight and product lines, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, together with Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die casting Technology Association and Shanghai Nonferrous Network, jointly held the "2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum". Jointly discuss material solutions, co-casting automobile industry chain green development closed loop, and strive to build an excellent communication and cooperation platform for the whole automobile industry chain, and lead the creation of advanced automobile industry clusters.

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