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Southern rare earths announce the latest rare earth oxide listing price gadolinium oxide price reduced by 4000 yuan / ton
Sep 1,2020 14:24CST
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SMM9 March 1: China Southern rare Earth Group South rare Earth International Trading Co., Ltd. announced the latest listing price of medium and heavy rare earth oxides, and the prices of individual rare earth oxides have been adjusted. In terms of price changes, gadolinium oxide is listed at 183000 yuan / ton, down 4000 yuan / ton compared with the previous period. The prices of other varieties are the same as the previous period, including samarium oxide 12000 yuan / ton, europium oxide 300000 yuan / ton, terbium oxide 4.95 million yuan / ton, dysprosium oxide 1.95 million yuan / ton, holmium oxide 435000 yuan / ton, erbium oxide 170000 yuan / ton, ytterbium oxide 100000 yuan / ton, lutetium oxide 4.75 million yuan / ton, yttrium oxide 22000 yuan / ton. Scandium oxide is listed at 9 million yuan / ton.

Last week, the domestic rare earth market has changed, praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium, gadolinium and other products have fallen to varying degrees, market trading more rational.

Light rare earths, lanthanum and cerium in a stable fundamentals, prices remain stable, the actual transaction slightly downward trend. As of today, the price of praseodymium-neodymium oxide is 33.8-342000 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton compared with yesterday; the price of praseodymium-neodymium metal is 43-436000 yuan / ton, down 3500 yuan / ton compared with yesterday.

In terms of medium and heavy rare earths, when the overall rare earth market was weak last week, the quotations of medium and heavy rare earths manufacturers also appeared cautious. As of today, the price of gadolinium oxide is 18.2-184000 yuan / ton, which is the same as yesterday; the price of terbium oxide is 4920-4980 yuan / kg, which is the same as yesterday; the price of dysprosium oxide is 1760-1800 yuan / kg, down 20 yuan / kg from yesterday.

Rare earth prices are expected to remain under pressure this week, trading may still be concentrated in the market circulation; large manufacturers are mainly price-stable, light, medium and heavy rare earth prices will inevitably fluctuate slightly in the short term.

China is rich in rare earth resources and has become the world's largest production and export base of rare earth permanent magnet materials, and the rare earth permanent magnet industry has strong competitiveness in the world.

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