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to open or find a new path or snap course? Honda's first pure electric car focuses on "small" battery capacity, which is only half that of the Model 3.
Sep 1,2020 11:17CST
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SMM: on August 27th, Honda officially announced that it will launch its first production pure electric car, Honda e, in Europe and Japan on October 30th, with a minimum suggested retail price of about 4.5 million yen (equivalent to about 292000 yuan).

The Honda e is a compact model that is used only for urban driving. The car can only travel 280km on a single charge and has only half the battery capacity of Tesla's Model 3. Another design highlight of the model is the removal of the rearview mirror.

Limited by the high cost of batteries, electric vehicles have been in a high-end position in the automobile market, and many car manufacturers are also committed to developing multi-purpose models with larger battery capacity, some of which can reach 570 km on a single charge.

Tomofumi Ichinose, chief engineer of Honda E, said: "most electric cars have large battery capacity, but in urban commuting, many times do not need that large capacity." "We question whether large cars are suitable for urban areas, and think that smaller models may be a better choice for urban life."

The two-door Honda e is compact and retro, reminiscent of Honda's classic N360 and N600 models of the 1960s. The model is positioned as a high-end city car and costs more space and longer mileage than Renault's Zoe ZE50,.

In addition, one of the highlights of the model is the cancellation of the design of the rearview mirror, so that drivers can use the camera to observe the road conditions behind the car on the screen inside the car. Honda engineers say they can ensure the sharpness of the image even when it rains.

The car will go on sale in Europe and Japan at the end of October. Honda expects to sell only about 10, 000 cars a year in Europe and 1000 at home. Honda will also introduce the car to its shared car industry.

Honda said it had no plans to sell the car in North America or China. North America and China are the two major markets dominated by suv.

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