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Detonate the component market in the 5G era, Dapu Communication and Ziguang Micro Strategic Cooperation
Jul 31,2020 11:29CST
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SMM News: with the commercial development of 5G, crystal oscillator, as an indispensable component of electronic products, has ushered in a period of rapid growth. It has key applications in base stations, intelligent terminals, servers and other fields, and there is a huge demand. On July 29, Dapu Communications and Ziguang signed a strategic cooperation agreement, under which the two sides will comprehensively deepen cooperation in crystal oscillator and other fields, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly promote their business development and product extension, and prosper the industrial ecology. occupy 5G first opportunity. Chen Baohua, chairman of Dapu Telecom, Tian Xuehong, chief technology officer, Ma Daojie, chairman of Ziguang Guowei, Su Linlin, vice president, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Chen Baohua, chairman of Dapu Telecom, said at the meeting that clock is the standard, fundamental and the beginning of everything. Dapu Communication begins with crystal oscillator and has a very strong strength in the field of clock products. In recent years, it has gradually diversified from clock chips to radio frequency and other fields. In the wave of the development of the semiconductor industry and the country's new infrastructure strategy, the company has ushered in new opportunities for development. Big ordinary letter is willing to work hand in hand with Ziguang Guowei, the two sides can win-win cooperation in product scientific research, market innovation and other aspects, and move towards a new future.

Ma Daojie, chairman of Ziguang National Micro, said that as the core chip enterprise of the core cloud strategic layout of Ziguang Group, Ziguang Guowei extends from the hard technology enterprise with the security chip as the core to the hard technology enterprise with the smart chip as the core. there is a deep accumulation and perfect product system in the chip industry. In the future, on the one hand, the two sides can do the crystal business deeply and thoroughly, borrow from each other and complement each other's advantages, on the other hand, they can also cooperate deeply with the resources and advantages of Ziguang and even the whole Ziguang Group to provide customers with more value.

Dapu Communication has long focused on providing core devices, clock chips and solutions for communication equipment manufacturers, with clock, radio frequency and microwave as the core technology. It has a full range of clock products, miniaturized high-performance circulators and clock chips such as RTC and PLL, which can provide overall solutions from chips, modules to products. It can fully meet the differentiated needs of customers in many fields, such as global communication network, electric power, industrial control, private network, medical treatment, automotive electronics and so on. It has long served the major major communication equipment manufacturers at home and abroad and has been highly recognized and trusted by global communication enterprises.

As a leading provider of integrated circuit chip products and solutions in China, Ziguang has accumulated profound technical strength and strong market position in the business fields of ultra-stable crystal frequency devices, intelligent security chips and so on. After 30 years of development, Tangshan National Core Crystal Source has become the only enterprise in China to master a full range of quartz frequency device processing technology, with a full range of crystal oscillators, resonators, a total of 26 categories and more than 6000 varieties. The company's crystal oscillator miniaturization, low power consumption, high precision and other technologies have entered the international advanced ranks.

Ziguang Guowei and Dapu Communications have rich experience in their respective fields and occupy the leading advantage. Through the signing of this strategic agreement, the two sides will form a close partnership, deepen cooperation in the field of high-end crystals, deeply open up the industrial chain, and create a wider range of value. The two sides will join hands to develop the huge application market of crystal oscillator in the 5G era and promote the upgrading and breakthrough of China's frequency component industry with innovative technology.

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