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SMMT: UK total car production fell to its lowest level since 1954 in the first half of the year.
Jul 30,2020 15:06CST
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SMM:, SMMT ((British Automobile Industry Association) released figures on July 30, saying that total car production in the UK in the first half of the year was 381357, falling to the lowest level since 1954, down 42% from the same period last year.

In SMMT's analysis, massive layoffs in the first half of 2020 and the COVID-19 epidemic were the direct causes of the decline in British car production. According to SMMT, the British auto industry cut at least 11349 jobs in the first half of 2020, involving manufacturing, supply chain and retail.

In addition, the increase in Brexit tariffs has also dealt a blow to the British auto industry. "our factory was originally scheduled to produce 2 million cars in 2020, but now it is less than half that figure because of the epidemic caused by already challenging market conditions and years of uncertainty over Brexit," said one SMMT insider.

The impact of Brexit does not stop there. Analysts have said that if the UK does not establish a free trade zone by the end of 2020, the British auto industry will lose 1.46 million vehicles by 2025, which will cause a direct loss of about 40 billion pounds.

Novel coronavirus blockade measures led to widespread closure and unemployment. The SMMT warned that more jobs were in jeopardy because of fears that a rise in Brexit tariffs would bring a "double whammy". SMMT called for negotiations to be held as soon as possible to ensure that an EU trade agreement was reached, saying that most car companies felt a lack of transparency, "seriously hampering" preparations for the end of the transition period.

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