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[SMM scrap Copper column] recently, a large number of imported copper ingots and copper alloy raw materials are particularly abundant.
Jul 29,2020 13:05CST
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Daily review of spot trading of scrap copper

SMM July 29th: today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in Shanghai is quoted as rising 30 to 90 yuan / ton for that month's contract, 51770 yuan / ton to 51820 yuan / ton for leveling copper, and 51820 yuan / ton to 51870 yuan / ton for copper in Shengshui. Shanghai copper continued to withstand 52000 yuan / ton of pressure for many days under the shock, around 51700 yuan / ton to continue the consolidation state. The next month ticket quotation market share has been the majority, the spot continues yesterday's quotation, level copper quotation rises about 40 yuan / ton, good copper quotation rises 90 yuan / ton, the overall market transaction is weak, flat copper more than rising water 30 yuan 40 yuan / ton to have a deal, good copper price space is limited, transaction maintenance 80 million 90 yuan / ton, market reaction is cautious, wet copper transaction price is also stable at 60 ~ 40 yuan discount. Demand is weak near the end of the month, but the low supply of good copper makes the overall rising water not continue to go down, the target price for traders to receive goods is on the low side, and it is difficult to reach an agreement with the holders for the time being, and the quotation is basically in a state of stalemate in recent days.

The price of bright copper in Guangdong is 45900 yuan / ton ~ 46200 yuan / ton, the same as the previous trading day, the price difference of fine waste is 2674 yuan / ton, and the month-on-month reduction is 170yuan (ticket point is calculated as 6.3RMB). Copper prices are still in a fluctuating range, but high copper prices are still good for the outflow of domestic scrap copper, and imports continue to arrive, and the supply of scrap copper is relatively abundant, especially with a large number of imported copper ingots recently, and the overall supply of raw materials for copper alloy enterprises is more abundant.

Import profit and loss of scrap copper

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