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[SMM brief Review]
Jul 27,2020 20:08CST
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SMM News: recently, according to today's "Lao du in Indonesia" Lao du Toutiao: it is clear that there is still a ban on nickel exports of millions, where can there be no rare earth cooperative mines? "it is mentioned in the article:

Lao du talked about the mine. Although there is nothing we can do about the new visa rules, we are still full of spirit when talking about the mine.

Around October last year, the Indonesian government issued a document clarifying the policy of a total ban on the export of low-grade nickel mines from January 2020. it was thought that this time, as in May 2012, the customs, police and navy were fully deployed. The mother ship of the loading disappeared instantly, and the government was playing a real game.

What? Still exported 2.54 million tons in the first half of 2020? This is not a decimal number. According to 50,000 tons, there are more than 50 ships. According to the average port loading time of 10 days, it will take more than 500 days, these mines are certainly not exported in one place!

According to Lao du's inference, he asked people in the industry to solve the puzzles. the general explanation should look like this:

1. Delay in customs declaration

2. Bonded warehouse

3. Nickel ore used as iron ore

Articles 1 and 2 are understandable, but they should be in a small number after all, and they will be digested in a short period of time. However, a large number of nickel mines are still being exported, and there are even two ships in June, which can only be explained by the third article.

There is a small island in southern Kalimantan, Indonesia, called SEBUKU,. There are many high-speed and low-nickel mines on the island. The ore contains 0.8-1.2% nickel and 45-49% iron, which is owned by a large Indonesian group. It has always been exported in the name of "iron ore", but when it comes to China, it has become a "nickel mine". This is the secret. Is the iron really up to the export standard so "high"? Is nickel really only this low? I don't know, anyway, history is out, and if it comes out now, it is estimated that we will come to a conclusion in the future. A few days ago, I heard that a mother ship full of nickel mines had been detained in the waters of Singapore, which is probably rare.

According to SMM research, the SEBUKU, mentioned by President du has been exported in this way in recent years, with an export volume of almost 300000 tons a month, with a nickel grade of about 1.0% and an iron content of 48%. Can be regarded as low-nickel high iron ore, can also be regarded as nickel-bearing iron ore. But this is the only one that has been known so far.

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