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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: more than 4.5 million new energy vehicles are promoted, accounting for more than 50% of the world.
Jul 23,2020 15:12CST
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SMM: on July 23, at a press conference held by the State Information Office, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that since the pilot demonstration and promotion of "Ten cities and thousands of vehicles" was launched in 2009, after years of continuous efforts in all aspects, the development of China's new energy vehicle industry has made great progress and has become an important force in leading the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. At present, the scale of the new energy vehicle industry is the leading in the world, and its production and sales have ranked first in the world for five consecutive years. The cumulative promotion of new energy vehicles has exceeded 4.5 million, accounting for more than 50% of the global total.

From the perspective of industrial development and progress, the technological level is improving significantly. The driving range of mainstream models is basically more than 400 kilometers, and the energy density of power batteries has also reached 250 watt-hours / kg. In addition, the system of the development of the whole industry is becoming more and more perfect, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as basic materials, batteries, motors, complete vehicles, electronic control and production equipment, have basically been connected. The supporting environment for the industry has also been continuously optimized. a total of 38000 charging stations have been built, 449 power stations have been replaced, and 1.3 million charging piles of various types have been built, including 551000 public charging piles and 749000 private piles.

At the same time, China has also built a "ten vertical and ten horizontal two rings" 49000 km highway fast charging network. In the past, everyone was worried about whether new energy vehicles could leave the city and run between cities. Now tell you, don't worry, you can run. Many of our highways have charging stations where there are gas stations, so there is still a guarantee to go out.

At the same time, we should also see that there is still a large gap between the development of new energy vehicles and the travel expectations of the masses and the requirements of industrial upgrading, and there are still some outstanding problems, such as weak innovation ability, gap in core technology, high vehicle cost, inconvenient charging and so on. In particular, many consumers still have anxiety about driving mileage.

Charging and changing electricity are the energy supplement ways of electric vehicles, each has its own advantages, each has its own areas of use and consumer groups. At present, although the new energy vehicle has made great progress, it is still in the early stage of the development of the industry. Technological routes and business models are still being explored and changing, and we still need to support the innovative development of new technologies, new formats and new models, encourage enterprises to develop new charging and power exchange technologies, and explore the application of the mode of separation of vehicles and electrics. to meet the needs of different markets. Compared with people who know more about the charging mode, the hybrid mode also has its own characteristics.

The first feature of the hybrid mode is the separation of cars and electricity, which can greatly reduce the cost of buying cars. Now it is generally felt that although the state has a subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, they are still relatively expensive. Moreover, the subsidy policy of this country has made it clear that the retreat will be completed by the end of this year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it has been decided to postpone the progress of the retreat, and it can be extended for a further period. Therefore, the separation of car and electricity can greatly reduce the car purchase cost of consumers.

Second, it can increase the convenience of consumers to travel. The time to change the battery is even shorter than that of adding a tank of fuel. We have made a comparison. For example, when we change the power station, the car will drive in and out in less than three minutes, and we can't fill it up in five minutes or eight minutes with a tank of fuel. Therefore, changing electricity is actually very convenient as long as you get used to it.

Third, the battery operation company focuses on the monitoring, maintenance and management of the battery, which is helpful to prolong the life of the power battery and improve the safety of the battery. We consumers buy new energy vehicles, many people just drive, the car care and attention, maintenance is not in place in time. In fact, the battery is also a very fragile component, in addition to the battery unit, there are battery package management problems, the technical requirements are very high, and timely maintenance and testing are needed in the course of use, otherwise there is a greater risk in the charging process and an hour after charging, once the thermal control management is not good, deflagration may occur. Even with this problem, the spontaneous combustion rate of new energy vehicles is still lower than that of traditional cars. Centralized management by the battery operator can improve the safety of the battery. In fact, what is very important is the change of concept. It is natural and normal for traditional cars to go to gas stations to refuel, so why can't new energy vehicles and electric vehicles change batteries and rent electricity?

The fourth is to make use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to reduce charging costs. At present, new energy vehicles are often driven home to recharge at night and recharge during peak periods, so the price of electricity will be relatively high. if the battery operator is to manage the battery, it can be recharged at the peak-valley discount price, which can reduce the cost of renting the battery. This is also a feature.

Fifth, you can consider how much electricity you rent that day according to your daily mileage. At present, the basic driving range of new energy electric vehicles is 400 kilometers, and a set of batteries in a car weighs 600 to 700 kilograms, accounting for a high proportion of the weight of the car. In fact, most people drive no more than 50 kilometers a day. You can imagine that if you want to run 50 kilometers today, you can rent 50 kilometers of batteries, and you don't have to run with 400 kilometers of batteries on your back. the weight of the car will be greatly reduced and the power consumption will be greatly reduced. For the whole society, if everyone does this, it will be a very large amount of savings. If you are worried about renting 50 kilometers of electricity, as a battery operator, you need 50 kilometers, and 70 kilometers of electricity is for you. Is that enough? In case there is a small problem, this can be done.

In addition, there is another method, which can solve the difficult problem of charging pile construction in the old community. Now people have another worry about buying new energy vehicles. They live in the old residential area and want to build a charging pile. The voltage load in this residential area is not enough, so they want to install it. When the charging pile company wanted to install it in this community, it encountered some problems, such as insufficient power load, who will expand its capacity? Who will pay for the expansion? Therefore, it brings a series of problems, the construction of charging piles in the old community is a social problem, which is very difficult to do. Therefore, if the power exchange mode is adopted, this problem can be solved effectively.

Sixth, the power exchange mode can also give birth to some new service formats. As we all know, express delivery is very convenient now. You can get to you in 10 minutes by making a phone call. If the industry adopts the power change mode, gets a tram change, and cruises the streets, anyone who proposes to change electricity should be guaranteed to arrive within 10 minutes. Actually, there are no technical problems. This may lead to some new service models. Of course, there are still many problems to be solved in promoting this power exchange mode, such as the overall design of the vehicle, the battery box should be standardized and unified, there should be national standards, and the battery should also be standardized, whether it is a soft package or a hard package. square or cylindrical batteries should be standardized. In addition, the battery plug and connect these devices should also be standardized, there are still some areas that need to be further explored.

However, from a technical point of view, there should be no major problems, so in the next step, together with relevant departments, we will continue to vigorously promote the construction of this kind of charging infrastructure, further improve relevant technical standards and management policies, and encourage enterprises to develop power exchange models according to their use scenarios. We will also support places such as Beijing and Hainan to carry out pilot promotion to promote the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry. In this respect, some places are still moving relatively fast, for example, some enterprises in Beijing are ready to promote this kind of power exchange mode.

In some areas, such as buses in the field of public transport, some electric buses use the power exchange mode. In the taxi field, some have adopted the power exchange mode. For example, after adopting the power exchange mode, the acceptance rate of taxis in Beijing has increased by more than 30%, the mileage of continued driving has increased by nearly 30%, and the personal income of taxi drivers has also increased by more than 30%. This is a model that is very beneficial to all parties. In the next step, we will actively promote it. We welcome you to publicize these new things and new forms of business, and give them more encouragement and support, so that they can mature at an early date and make more contributions to the green development of the whole society.

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