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Last year, 885 iron and steel enterprises were monitored by satellite.
Jul 22,2020 08:17CST
Source:CCTV news
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SMM: 20, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the Ministry of Natural Resources Satellite remote Sensing Application report (2019), the report shows that China's natural resources satellite observation system continues to improve, satellite data acquisition capacity has been greatly improved.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, in 2019, China successfully launched 5-meter optical service satellites and Gaofen 7 land remote sensing satellites, forming a hyperspectral service and submeter-level stereoscopic satellite remote sensing observation capability, and the number of in-orbit Landsat increased to 10. The overall acquisition capacity of hyperspectral data increased by 50%, and the stereoscopic observation capability reached a leap from 1: 50, 000 to 1: 10, 000. At the same time, three satellites, Ocean 1C, Ocean 2B, and Sino-French Ocean Satellite, have been officially put into operational operation, forming a satellite backbone network that combines business and scientific research.

In the areas covered by satellite data, it mainly covers the land and sea areas of the country, while the overseas demand focuses on the full coverage of countries and regions; in terms of the frequency of data coverage, the country is mainly covered on an annual and quarterly basis, and some designated areas in China achieve monthly coverage.

The report said that in the construction of provincial satellite application technology centers for natural resources, the number of provincial satellite centers increased from 9 in 2018 to 31 in 2019, achieving full coverage of the provincial satellite application technology system.

Last year, 885 iron and steel enterprises were monitored by satellite.

A CCTV reporter from the general station noted that not only the satellite observation system has been gradually improved, but also the application of remote sensing has achieved remarkable results, providing important data, information, and technical support for special remote sensing monitoring such as the development strategy and capacity removal of the Yangtze River economic belt.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, quarterly remote sensing monitoring of capacity loss of iron and steel, coal and ships was carried out in 2019, using multi-source optical and thermal infrared remote sensing image data to 885 iron and steel enterprises and 568 steel enterprises. The land use and production capacity of Jiadi steel enterprises are monitored and analyzed, which provides important data and technical support for the relevant units to fully grasp the changes of the number and production capacity of iron and steel plants in China.

Not only is it "capacity loss", the report also points out that national monitoring of new energy facilities has been carried out through satellite remote sensing. Taking the national image with 2-meter resolution as the data source, the intelligent extraction of wind turbines across the country is completed, and the basic information such as the number, scope, distribution and scale of wind power facilities in the country are found out comprehensively. In addition, the country also uses domestic remote sensing satellite data with a resolution of 2 meters to continuously carry out quarterly remote sensing monitoring of golf courses across the country, providing scientific and reliable technical support for the monitoring, supervision, cleaning and renovation of golf courses across the country.

The Ministry of Natural Resources said that in the future, it will make greater efforts to promote satellite applications and transform remote sensing data, products, technologies and software into realistic productive forces to support natural resources management. to provide scientific and technological support for promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.

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