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[SMM scrap Copper column] the rise in copper prices is good for market shipments and downstream on-demand procurement.
Jul 21,2020 19:23CST
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Daily review of spot trading of scrap copper

Today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in Shanghai is quoted at RMB130 / ton for the contract of that month, the transaction price of Pingshui copper is 51830 yuan / ton ~ 51990 yuan / ton, and the transaction price of Shengshui copper is 51870 yuan / ton ~ 52050 yuan / ton. The low level of copper in Shanghai rebounded around the daily average, which was blocked at 51950 yuan / tonne, and the morning market holder quoted a high price. Shunyan quoted a price as high as 70 yuan per ton for copper in flat water yesterday, and the price of good copper rose to more than 120 yuan per ton. The quotation of Pingshui copper is stable, but there are few waves in the quotation. The performance of the good copper market is still very different, ENM remains at about 80 yuan / ton, CCC-P maintains the range of 120 yuan / ton, the supply is scarce, Jinchuan board is basically rarely seen due to overhaul, the Guixi market is reported high to around 140 yuan / ton, wet copper follows the market upward quotation and remains stable at 30 yuan / ton. The market maintains a firm quotation, as the difference between the price of good copper and that of Pingshui copper becomes more obvious because of the shortage of good copper. the holder is still very high before delivery, but there will be an impact as the supply of delivery is about to flow out.

The price of bright copper in Guangdong is 46100 yuan / ton ~ 46400 yuan / ton, which is 300 yuan higher than that of the previous trading day. The price difference of fine waste is 2580 yuan / ton, and the month-on-month expansion is 244 yuan. Today's copper price rise is OK, scrap copper merchants take advantage of the high willingness to ship goods, while downstream procurement of raw materials position, keep a balance with product sales, one in and one out to avoid risks, because the scrap copper rod order is good, the overall scrap copper rod industry maintains a strong demand for scrap copper.

Import profit and loss of scrap copper

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