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South China adjusts the price of some oxides lutetium oxide price increases gadolinium oxide price down
Jul 21,2020 14:09CST
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SMM7 March 21: China Southern rare Earth Group South rare Earth International Trading Co., Ltd. announced the latest listing prices of medium and heavy rare earth oxides, and the prices of some rare earth oxides have been adjusted. In terms of price changes, gadolinium oxide is listed at 177000 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton compared with the previous period, while lutetium oxide is listed at 4.75 million yuan / ton, up 50, 000 yuan / ton. The prices of other varieties are the same as the previous period, samarium oxide 12000 yuan / ton, europium oxide 300000 yuan / ton, terbium oxide 4.7 million yuan / ton, dysprosium oxide 1.95 million yuan / ton, holmium oxide 420000 yuan / ton, erbium oxide 17 yuan / ton, ytterbium oxide 100000 yuan / ton, yttrium oxide 22000 yuan / ton, scandium oxide 9 million yuan / ton.

Light rare earths, praseodymium-neodymium products were strengthened last week. The separation plant has a strong confidence in the price and a clear attitude towards the price, but the downstream metal factories are still relatively calm and purchase appropriate replenishment according to their own needs. With the slight rebound in prices, the market was afraid of heights, and the price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide was basically stable in the second half of last week. As of today, the price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide is 29.4-296000 yuan / ton, which is the same as yesterday.

In terms of medium and heavy rare earths, the market of terbium was relatively weak last week and its performance was poor. Due to the rapid rise of early prices, the heat of trade has decreased this week, and the market has returned to calmness and rationality, with just-in-need procurement as the main body of the transaction. Of course, under the falling price, the market interest will only be weaker and the willingness to buy will be worse. Last week, the prices of terbium products declined to varying degrees. As of today, the price of dysprosium oxide is 1830Muth1860 yuan / kg, which is the same as yesterday.

SMM believes that the overall downstream demand in the rare earth market in July is not good, so we can see that the trading volume is relatively small for both varieties with strong prices and those with falling prices. But on the other hand, not low cost will also be an important factor to support the price. Recently, the market rumors about the collection and storage of rare earths have declined, and the market is gradually returning to the original supply and demand side, which may promote the industry to develop more rationally and healthily.

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