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[today's Nickel Market] Nickel spot is available for trading in the morning market.
Jul 20,2020 13:17CST
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Nickel ore, nickel pig iron, nickel sulfate

Nickel spot: on July 20th, SMM1 Electrolytic Nickel quoted price 103400mi 104600 yuan / ton. The spot market is still quoted for 08 contracts, and in the morning market, Shanghai Nickel recorded a "V" trend, then rebounded, and the downstream entered the market for active enquiries, and the transaction was OK. Russo Nickel to Shanghai Nickel 2008 contract is quoted at 500 to 400 yuan / ton, the trading volume is not as good as Jinchuan Nickel for the time being. Jinchuan Nickel to Shanghai Nickel 2008 contract rose 400 won 500 yuan / ton in the morning market. It is reported that the price of 500 yuan / ton is difficult to ship. As Jinchuan company quoted an ex-factory price of 105000 yuan / ton and shipped in Shanghai, the supply of goods at low prices in the market gradually flowed out, and the transaction gradually improved. Nickel beans in the morning market quotation of 1300 million 1200 yuan / ton, due to the reduction of nickel bean inventory, the discount range has narrowed.

[ex-factory price of Jinchuan Company] on July 20th, Jinchuan Electrolytic Nickel (big board) was quoted at 105000 yuan / ton in Shanghai and 104550 yuan / ton in Jinchang, which was the same as last Friday.

On July 17, although some data show that the sales of new energy vehicles in Europe and the United States have increased greatly recently, due to the large inventory of battery factories in the first half of the year and the recent elimination stage, the order situation of the precursor factory has not been greatly improved, and the price of the precursor is still at a low level. Nickel sulfate intends to follow the rising period of nickel in the near future, which may lead to a short-term rise in the price of precursors.

Stainless steel, ferrochromium

[Wuxi stainless steel afternoon review] at the beginning of the week, the spot price of stainless steel in Wuxi area was mainly flat, with the cold rolling price range of 13,500 RMB13,700 / ton and the 304 hot rolling price of 13000mil 13100 yuan / ton, which was the same as the average market price last Friday. Today, Wuxi stainless steel spot market overall shipping rhythm is temporarily stable, the market has some new resources to the factory, businesses decide whether to give preferential profit space, SMM expects the overall stable operation of each series of steel prices in the short term, the supply of cold-rolled sheet below 1.0mm is tight, the quotation is higher than the market average, hot rolling is in normal condition, and the overall market transaction is weak. Today, SHFE10 point 30 SS2009 contract price is 13335 yuan / ton, Wuxi stainless steel spot water is 335Mu535 yuan / ton. (spot trimming = rough edge + 170 yuan / ton)

[Foshan stainless steel afternoon review] at the beginning of the week, 200 series and 400 series cold rolling prices maintained stable operation compared with last Friday. 300 series private cold rolling today slightly reduced 50 yuan / ton shipments, and most businesses have flexible profit-making operations. in addition, there are many new goods in the hot rolling market, and short-term steel prices are mainly in stable operation. In terms of quotations for steel products of various departments in Foshan, the state-owned 304Candle 2B trimming coiling price was steadily quoted at 14250won 14450 yuan / ton compared with the average price last Friday. Private 304cm 2B rough edge curls fell slightly by 50 yuan / ton compared with the average price last Friday at 13450 NO. 13650 yuan / ton, 304 / NO. 1 five-foot quotation was the same as last Friday's average price at 12950ly13150 yuan / ton, and the selling price for 10:30 SHFE SS2009 contract was 13335 yuan / ton, Foshan stainless steel spot water rose 285 dollars 485 yuan / ton, the price was the same as last Friday's average price at 12950rel 13150 yuan / ton, and the spot price of Foshan stainless steel spot water was 285p / t. (spot trimming = rough edge + 170).

[SMM pure nickel domestic stock increased by 2555 tons to 45335 tons compared with last Friday]

According to SMM, as of Friday, the social inventory of), SMM pure nickel was about 45300 tons, an increase of 2555 tons from last Friday. This week, the inventory of the previous period increased by 2348 tons to 31843 tons, with some new imports and spot warehouse sources to be shipped to the delivery depot, and warehouse receipts will be made one after another. Hidden inventory in East China increased by 197t to 13005 t. This week, some electrolytic nickel was stored at Gansu smelter and Jilin smelter in Shanghai, so this week's hidden inventory in East China increased by 197t compared with last week. Guangdong Southern Reserve inventory increased to 290 tons. To sum up, pure nickel weakened this week, superimposed imports and domestic nickel plate arrival, domestic social inventory increased by 5.97%, the third consecutive week of base warehouse.

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