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Honda invests 3.7 billion yuan to buy a stake in Ningde Times * Wanxiang 1230% of Volkswagen power battery supplier
Jul 20,2020 10:06CST
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[Wanxiang 123% Volkswagen Power Battery supplier order size is more than 10 billion] it is learned that Wanxiang 123, a subsidiary of Wanxiang Group, has been identified as a power battery supplier for Volkswagen Group in China, with an order size of more than 10 billion yuan. Volkswagen said the day before that, "in addition to Ningde Times and Guoxuan Hi-Tech, there is also a power battery manufacturer under certification."

Recently, in the morning, Hefei Guoxuan Battery material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, held a signing ceremony with the management committee of Lujiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Hefei. Hefei Guoxuan annual output of 30000 tons of high-nickel ternary cathode material project officially landed in Lujiang. This marks the official launch of a major project designated by Volkswagen since it bought a stake in Guoxuan. The construction period of the project is 36 months. at present, construction drawing design, equipment selection and bidding are being carried out, and it is expected to be put into trial operation at the beginning of 2023.

Recently, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Green Mei (Wuxi) Energy Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxi Greenmei" or "Party B") and Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone Management Committee" or "Party A") signed an investment in new energy high-value recycling project (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone Management Committee" or "Party A"). The project invests 528 million yuan to form an industrial scale of high-value recycling of 100000 new energy vehicles per year, high-value recycling of 100000 sets of power battery packs per year, and a research and development platform for an engineering research center for high-value utilization of power batteries and new energy vehicles in Jiangsu Province. to build an industrial demonstration base and engineering technology research center for green recycling of power batteries and new energy vehicles in Jiangsu Province. It has become the world's advanced recycling and green disposal center for power batteries and new energy vehicles. Party B plans to start construction of the project before October 2020 and is expected to be completed and put into production by September 2022.

[national delivery of Xiaopeng P7 officially opened] recently, Xiaopeng held a national delivery ceremony of Xiaopeng P7 in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhaoqing, Guangdong and Chengdu, Sichuan. This means that Xiaopeng's own factory in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province has entered the pace of large-scale production. After starting the national large-scale delivery, Xiaopeng Automobile will carry out the delivery of P7 nationwide in accordance with the time sequence of payment of intention payment.

[Chengdu, BYD Southwest Commercial vehicle Base] on July 19, the signing ceremony of BYD-Chengdu bus strategic cooperation was held. According to the agreement, BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. and Chengdu bus Co., Ltd. will, through BYD's deep intervention and omni-directional support to Chengke in the aspects of equity, capital, technology, talent and management, build Chengke into a commercial vehicle headquarters base in the southwest of BYD, serving southwest and radiating South Asia, as soon as possible. This cooperation also includes the establishment of BYD Chengdu Commercial vehicle Research Institute, the construction of BYD commercial vehicle research and development technology highland in Chengdu, and the development of intelligent technology marked by self-driving vehicles. Build BYD's intelligent transportation and logistics technology center in Chengdu.


[Wulong Electric vehicle's capital contribution adjustment to Guizhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd.] Wulong Electric vehicle announced that on July 19, 2020, Wulong Gui'an entered into an investment adjustment agreement with local partners. Wulong Gui'an and local partners agreed to adjust the contribution ratio between Wulong Guian and local partners in Guizhou Yangtze River. After the adjustment of the capital contribution ratio for Guizhou Yangtze River, Wulong Gui'an will no longer have any equity interest in Guizhou Yangtze River and the Group will still have a 26% equity interest in Guizhou Yangtze River through Hangzhou Yangtze River.

[official announcement that Honda invested 3.7 billion yuan in Ningde era] recently, Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ningde Times") announced a non-public offering of shares. According to the announcement, the number of shares issued by Ningde City is about 122 million shares (A shares), the issue price is 161.00 yuan per share, and the total amount of funds raised is about 19.7 billion yuan. In the final allocation, Hillhouse Capital subscribed for about 10 billion yuan and Honda subscribed for about 3.7 billion yuan. Honda has previously said that it intends to subscribe for Ningde era non-public offering shares through its domestic subsidiary Honda Technology Research Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd., this announcement is an official announcement.

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