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The supply of aluminum cans in the United States faces challenges
Jul 17,2020 10:03CST
Source:China Nonferrous Network
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SMM: us beverage manufacturers are currently facing the challenge of a shortage of aluminum cans due to a surge in their consumption of soft drinks and alcohol.

Demand for aluminium cans was unprecedented during the new crown epidemic, and cans producers have sharply increased shipments since May to supply surging demand, according to an Alcoa spokesman.

It is understood that the demand for aluminum cans increased during the epidemic, not only in the United States, but also in the European Union. as early as June, the EU Aluminum Association pointed out that the epidemic has reduced people's travel activities. when people work and live at home, there is a sharp increase in demand for takeout and fast food products, while aluminum foil materials are food packaging, and aluminum foil shipments and consumption are rising.

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