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Huayou cooperates with Toyota Motor Company and Toyota to build a research project on the echelon utilization technology of decommissioned power batteries.
Jul 17,2020 08:22CST
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SMM News: Huayou, as a new energy lithium electricity material manufacturing enterprise, has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, and has established a variety of channels to complete the recovery responsibility of "urban mine resources" and build a supply guarantee system of renewable resources. In 2017, Huayou set up "Huayou cycle" & "Huayou Electric Power", focusing on the echelon utilization and recycling of decommissioned power batteries, and carried out corresponding research, exploration and practice around the "integrated closed loop of new energy lithium materials industry".

Up to now, Huayou has completed the construction and commissioning of the "dedicated production line for recovery and utilization of decommissioned power batteries"; at the same time, it has successively carried out the research and application of echelon utilization in energy storage, integrated storage and charging, prepared power supply, low-speed vehicles and other application scenarios, and completed the integrated development and promotion of product development, manufacturing and technology core BMS research and commercial market model from "echelon battery preliminary separation".

Toyota Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as "Toyota"), as a global automaker, has been committed to the realization of a circular society, reducing dependence on resources and preventing global warming. Since 2013, Toyota has established a cycle of "energy storage echelon recycling" in Ni-MH batteries in hybrid vehicles; with the strategic promotion in the field of electrification and new energy, Toyota has also begun to explore the material recovery and echelon utilization of ternary lithium batteries.

Toyota, Toyota Tongshang and Huayou agree with each other in the concepts of "environmental benefit", "sustainable development of resources" and "circular economy". In 2019, the research project on echelon utilization of decommissioned power batteries was officially launched. Give full play to the advantages of technology and resources of various companies, and conduct research, technical exchanges and practical verification in the fields of decommissioned power battery recovery, rapid discrimination, research, development and application of related echelon utilization technology.


Toyota Motor Company & Toyota Trading & Huayou Project launch site


Overview of pilot projects

The advanced echelon utilization technology adopted by Huayou in this demonstration project can be applied in the field of energy storage of echelon utilization battery, the field of integration of storage and charging, solar panel energy storage and reserve power supply, and so on. it is a foreseeable technology development prospect and application market. Explore the promotion and application of relevant technologies and business models, while providing advanced experience in the echelon utilization of power batteries, we will also devote ourselves to practicing the responsibility concept of "harmony between production and ecology, economic benefits and social contribution". Adhere to green development and promote the common progress of enterprises and society in fulfilling their social responsibilities.

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