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[7.15Lithium Express] Tesla adjusts Model Y production and sales plan * LG Chemical Global share Super Ningde era
Jul 15,2020 12:06CST
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"the Fifth China International Nickel-Cobalt-Lithium Summit Forum has come to a successful conclusion.

[Tesla adjusts Model Y production and sales plans] US electric car maker Tesla said recently that it would cancel the production of the lower standard mileage crossover model Model Y and reduce the price of the long mileage Model Y by $3000 to boost sales. Some analysts pointed out that the price reduction of, Model Y and the cancellation of the standard mileage version production plan show a decline in demand related to the US market, and Tesla may need further price cuts in order to promote the rise in demand for Model Y.

[new Zealand electric car charging entrepreneurs want Tesla to invest in superfactories] according to news on July 15, Tesla, which has made remarkable achievements in electric vehicles and renewable clean energy, has established or is building a number of super factories around the world. Tesla also plans to build more super factories to produce electric vehicles and clean energy products. As Tesla's super factory brings a lot of jobs, many countries also want Tesla to invest in building a super factory. The founder of an electric car charging company in New Zealand wants Tesla to invest in a super factory in New Zealand.


[LG Chemical Global share Chao Ningde era: 870 billion orders have been busy for the next five years] South Korean battery maker LG Chemical said recently that it currently has 150 trillion won (872.5 billion yuan) worth of orders, which will keep it busy for the next five years and will help it survive the pandemic crisis. In addition, the strong performance of LG Chemical has made it a leader in the battery industry this year, surpassing the Ningde era in global market share.

[Hyundai plans to sell 1 million electric vehicles in 2025] Hyundai and Kia plan to increase electric vehicle sales to 1 million by 2025, Zheng Yixuan, head of Hyundai Motor Group, said on Tuesday. Strive to occupy more than 10 per cent of the global electric vehicle market. Zheng Yixuan said Hyundai Qihai Village plans to launch a new generation of electric vehicles with a range of 450km and a charging time of less than 20 minutes.

[sales of less than 500 Xiaopeng P7s in May and June may break out in July] on July 13, the China Automotive Center released the insurance data for passenger cars in June. According to the data, the monthly insurance volume of the Xiaopeng P7 was 311, plus 166 in May, bringing the total number of insured units since the listing of the Xiaopeng P7 to 477. According to the statistics of the first Electric Network, Xiaopeng P7 produced a total of 1181 units in May and June, of which 532 units were produced in May and 649 units in June. In terms of 477 units, at least 704 Xiaopeng P7s have not been delivered to users, perhaps to hoard deliveries in July.

[Volkswagen and SAIC will invest 4.13 billion yuan to renovate the plant SAIC Audi will push forward as planned] on July 14, it was reported that Volkswagen and its Chinese joint venture partner SAIC Group planned to invest 4.13 billion yuan ($590 million) in revamping its car plant in Shanghai to produce new Audi sedans. After the transformation of the factory, the joint venture aims to produce 60,000 Audi A7L cars and 60,000 new Volkswagen sport utility vehicles per year. The total production capacity of the factory will remain unchanged. The renovation is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. In response, Audi China said that the SAIC Audi project is moving forward as planned and further information will be announced in due course.


Evergrande sets up a new energy subsidiary! The long-rumored production car is finally coming? According to enterprise investigation data, Hengda Hengchi New Energy Automobile Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was officially established on July 10, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, legal representative Zhou Bin, and the industry in which it belongs to the automobile manufacturing industry. The company is 100% controlled by Evergrande New Energy vehicle Investment holding Group Co., Ltd. the scope of business includes: new energy vehicle related technology research, technology development services, software product development and production, information technology consulting services, auto parts and accessories manufacturing and sales.

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