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[SMM Nickel Morning News] Nickel Night disk concussion Operation Today focus on the pressure operation of Shanghai Nickel 109000 / Lunni 13600 US dollars / ton position
Jul 15,2020 08:52CST
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SMM, July 15:

The overnight Shanghai Nickel 10 contract opened at 109000 yuan / ton last night and operated with wide concussion at night. At the beginning of the day, the market quickly reached a night high of 109450 yuan / ton, then dominated by short positions, and Shanghai nickel concussion went down to test 108400 yuan / ton. The support quickly rebounded to the first line of the daily average line of 108900 yuan / ton, the pressure fell again, the position of 108600 yuan / ton fluctuated in a narrow range, and at 22:30, the bulls increased their positions, and Shanghai Nickel returned to above 109000 yuan / ton again. At the end of the day, the center of gravity moved to the first line of 108700 yuan / ton, and the narrow range fluctuated until the close. It finally closed at 108600 yuan / ton, down 450 yuan / ton or 0.41% compared with the previous trading day, and the trading volume was 378000 lots. The position increased by 4014 hands to 154000 hands. Overnight, Shanghai nickel closed at Xiaoyin column, and the center of gravity of k-column was located near 108800 yuan / ton of the 5-day moving average. Today, we will pay attention to the operation of Shanghai Nickel pressure 109000 gate.

Lenny opened short at $13650 a tonne yesterday and gradually gave up last night's gains, falling as low as $13390 before returning to a narrow range around the daily moving average of $13530 a tonne until early afternoon. Around 14:00, the euro zone released slightly better-than-expected industrial data for Britain and Germany, and Rennick boosted the centre of gravity and shook around $13600 a tonne. At 17: 30, Renni again shook down to $13460 / ton, rebounded to $13600 / ton at the end of the day and closed at $13600 / ton, down $125.00 / ton, or 0.91%, from the previous day's settlement price. the trading volume was 5895 lots, and the position increased by 569 lots to 201000 lots. Lunni closed at the long lower shadow line last night, the shadow line probed down the 5-day moving average, and the upper Boll line was under pressure on the rail. Lunni opened at 13605 US dollars / ton today. Today, we will pay attention to the consolidation of Lunni gate.

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