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Samarco Iron Mine will restart in December
Jul 13,2020 16:01CST
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SMM7 March 13: according to local reports, Brazilian iron ore producer Samarco, a joint venture between Vale and BHP Billiton, has confirmed that it hopes to resume production by December this year.

The company is expected to resume operations by the end of the year, but this week it announced a timetable for a change. The company said the restart was now 61 per cent complete. Samako (Samarco) already employs 1300 people and hopes to hire another 700 when it resumes business by the end of the year.

Samarco's Ubu (Ubu) plant in (Anchieta), Ankieta, (EspiritoSanto) state, Espiritu should be the first to resume activity, and other plants will gradually resume production.

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