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[7.13Lithium Express] Tesla slashed Model Y prices in the United States * Toyota will restart all factories around the world
Jul 13,2020 09:47CST
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[Tesla slashed the price of Model Y in the United States] Tesla's US website shows that the starting price of, Model Y has been reduced to less than $50000, and the current long-range version of Model Y starts at $49990, a reduction of $3000 from the previous version, which is a very big price reduction for models that only hit the market a few months ago. In addition, Tesla has updated its high-performance Model Y version, and whether or not the "performance pack" (Performance Package), is selected, Tesla will add several features: an increase in top speed from 145mph to 155mph and high-performance brakes. The current high-performance version of Model Y starts at just under $60000.

[Tesla will hold a shareholder meeting and Battery Day on September 22] recently, Tesla said it will hold its annual shareholder meeting and "Battery Day" at its plant in Fremont, California, on September 22, which shareholders will attend in person. Tesla is said to be preparing to show investors a breakthrough in its battery technology, which could be an ultra-long-life battery for its future vehicles. Tesla shares closed at a record closing price on Friday, an all-time high.

[new crown clustering outbreak in Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany 20 employees tested positive for the virus.] on July 11, local time, a new confirmed case of coronary pneumonia occurred at a Mercedes-Benz factory in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. So far, 20 employees have tested positive for the virus, and another 50 employees at the factory are in quarantine.

[preferential matching Ningde era signed a cooperation agreement with Honda] the power battery head enterprise Ningde era circle of friends continues to expand. On July 10, Ningde Times announced that the company and Honda (Honda Technology Research Industry Co., Ltd.) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen cooperation in the research, development, supply, recycling and other fields of power batteries, so as to promote the common development of the two sides as long-term business partners. The cooperation between the two sides is divided into two main aspects: capital cooperation and commercial cooperation. In terms of capital cooperation, Honda plans to subscribe for Ningde era's non-public offering shares through its domestic subsidiary Honda Technology Research Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd., accounting for about 1 per cent of the total share capital after the non-public offering. Commercial cooperation mainly involves battery supply, development cooperation and battery recycling or reuse. During the validity period of the agreement, Ningde Times will guarantee the supply of the agreed types of batteries to Honda on certain commercial preferential terms, subject to the separate purchase agreement signed between the company and Honda or its subsidiaries.


[performance surpasses Tesla Model 3 BYD Han listed price 21.98-279500 yuan] BYD EV/DM model is on the market, in which Han EV is equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery, NEDC mileage is 605km, the subsidized price is 22.98-279500 yuan; Han DM is equipped with 2.0T engine + motor plug-in hybrid system, a total of one new car model, the subsidized price is 219800 yuan.


[Toyota will restart all factories around the world] it is reported on July 12 that all Toyota plants will resume production once production is restarted in Venezuela. Kensuke Ko, a spokesman for the automaker, said the company will reopen its plant in Venezuela on Monday, which means all factories in South America will be put into operation. He said the company had reopened all its factories in Japan, North America and Europe.

[FAW Toyota mid-and high-end models successively stop production market segment or encounter setbacks] with the discontinuation of Prado, FAW Toyota mid-and high-end products are only supported by the Asian Dragon. In addition, the Asian Dragon is also affected by the "oil emulsification" incident, which makes FAW Toyota's planning in the middle and high end of the market stretched.


[ideal car Big Action will launch full-size SUV model in 2022] after the success of ideal ONE, in order to enrich its product range and enrich consumer demand, it will launch a variety of models in the future, including a full-size SUV model in 2022, which still uses incremental powertrain.

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