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[summit Forecast] is the new high bull market in copper prices coming? Watch this big talk!
Jul 13,2020 08:43CST
Brainstorming: emerging Technology guidance on the trend of the Global economy and Copper Market
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Change is the law of the universe, and in this era of great changes in history, there are always some constant, that is, the firm belief and determination to face up to difficulties under pressure and crisis!

In 2020, the world experienced a historic moment, with the global economy from shutdown, restart to increased horsepower stimulus, China took the lead in stepping out of the haze and into the path of recovery. Like the recent outbreak of the stock market, full blossom shows expectations of a better economy and a rapid return of blood to Chinese manufacturing.

However, throughout the world, the epidemic is not over, how will the global economy evolve in the second half of 2020? China's economy is ahead of the global recovery, and economic indicators have also improved. can China's economy continue to pick up? Although China is ahead of the recovery, the road ahead is still full of challenges. Under the downward pressure of the economy, can China's real estate policy usher in a new adjustment? What are the major asset allocation opportunities that China's counter-cyclical regulation and control policies will bring? How will Sino-US relations affect the non-ferrous metals market? In view of the macroeconomic topics concerned by the market, Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, will carry out a comprehensive analysis and outlook.

Global low inventory state superimposed supply concerns, copper prices V-shaped reversal in the first half of the year, the recent recovery momentum of copper prices has not abated, repeatedly refreshing new highs in stages, can the rise be maintained in the second half of the year?

The intensification of supply-side disturbance has become a major factor of market concern, when will TC continue to explore the bottom?

In the process of increasing China's scrap copper import policy, what is the impact on the domestic scrap copper market?

What are the development status and potential risks of the transfer of scrap copper industry in China? The development of domestic recycled metal industry and the supply of domestic scrap copper have also attracted much attention from the market.

What is the driving effect of the arrival of 5G tuyere on the downstream demand of copper, and what are the specific requirements for the technology of its products and the performance of materials?

What are the new development directions of the electromagnetic wire in the 14th five-year Plan, the requirements of the electromagnetic wire industry for copper conductor raw materials, the copper tube technology for domestic / commercial air conditioners, the direct regeneration of scrap copper rod technology, the key preparation technology of new high performance CuFe alloy, the key preparation technology of high purity copper target, etc., what are the new requirements, and what is the development direction in the future?

From macro-economy to copper price forecast, from copper market fundamentals analysis to copper downstream terminal application technical guidance, "2020 China (Yingtan) Copper Industry Summit Forum and 15th China International Copper Industry chain Summit", there will be macroeconomists, industry / association experts, university professors, enterprise celebrities and senior analysts for your comprehensive interpretation, looking for new opportunities, seizing new markets, and helping you win in 2020!

A brainstorm of about 700 people is coming!

Waiting for your arrival!

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The time of the summit: July 16-17

Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai

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