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[7.8 Lithium Express] BYD's sales of new energy vehicles fell by nearly 60% in the first half of the year * Wall Street expects Tesla's revenue to exceed $100 billion in 2025.
Jul 8,2020 09:33CST
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[maximum reward 16 million 13 measures in Nanchang to support the development of new energy vehicles] recently, the Jiangxi Nanchang municipal government issued "some measures of Nanchang City on speeding up the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and high-quality development of the industry (2019)." the document points out that new energy vehicle enterprises with annual main business income of a certain scale will be rewarded, up to a maximum of 16 million yuan. Jinan will give certain rewards according to the annual number of vehicles sold, and the awards for a single model will not add up. For a single model of new energy passenger vehicles, if the annual sales volume exceeds (including) 1000 vehicles, it will be rewarded with 1.6 million yuan; if the annual sales volume exceeds (including) 2000 vehicles, it will be rewarded with 3.2 million yuan; if the annual sales volume exceeds (including) 5000 vehicles, it will be rewarded with a reward of 6.4 million yuan. New energy passenger cars, trucks and special vehicles of a single model, annual sales of more than 50 (including), will be rewarded 1.6 million yuan; annual sales of more than 100, will be rewarded 3.2 million yuan.

[BYD's sales of new energy vehicles fell by nearly 60% in the first half of the year, and DM4.0 is expected to usher in a new era.] on July 7, BYD released its sales bulletin for June 2020. Data show that BYD sold 33725 cars in June, compared with 38735 in the same period last year, down 12.93% from a year earlier and up 5.98% from a month earlier. So far, BYD sold 158638 new cars from January to June 2020, down 30.45% from a year earlier. Specifically, sales of new energy vehicles in June were 14165, down 46.69% from a year earlier, of which new energy passenger vehicles fell 49.46% from a year earlier, an increase of 23.23% month-on-month. A total of 57449 new energy passenger vehicles were sold from January to June, down 59.19% from a year earlier. Senior analysts at the Global Research Institute believe that this is mainly due to the fact that BYD will be launched in July, and most new energy car owners are waiting for new cars to be launched, so it suppresses the release of purchasing power of existing models. On the other hand, the major car companies have intensified the layout of the new energy market, the number of new energy vehicle models is increasing, a number of new cars are centrally listed, consumers have a large choice, but also scattered demand.

[Jianghuai pure electric passenger car sales fell 55.35% in June compared with the same period last year] on July 7, Jianghuai Automobile released a production and sales flash report for June 2020, showing that the group's car sales in June this year were 41400, an increase of 30.37% over the same period last year. The cumulative sales in the first half of the year were 209400, down 10.97% from the same period last year. Of this total, sales of pure electric passenger cars were 4394 in June, down 55.35 per cent from a year earlier.


[Tesla's share price rises by one Ford a day, and Wall Street expects revenue of more than $100 billion in 2025.] on July 7, Tesla's one-day market capitalization increased by as much as $30.2 billion, even more than the total market capitalization of the traditional car giant Ford Motor, which is worth $24.6 billion. Tesla's total market capitalization of $254.394 billion is 10 times that of Ford's more than $20 billion. According to a research report from JMP Securities, a Wall Street investment bank, Tesla is expected to have revenue of $100 billion and 2.5 million car deliveries in 2025, with a profit margin of 20 per cent before tax, interest, depreciation and amortisation. And set a target for Tesla's share price at $1500.

[the new electricity exchange charge standard of Weilai will be implemented on July 10] on July 7, Weilai released a new electricity exchange charge model and charge standard for non-first car owners and operating vehicles. The latest model will be implemented from July 10, 2020. Among them, the power change degree is the difference between the electricity of the two batteries before and after the change of electricity; the electricity charge is the electricity price cost of the location of the replacement power station; and the pricing of the service charge will be slightly higher than the charging level of the operational fast charging piles around the exchange power station.

[Tesla's new plant in Asia may be located in Japan or South Korea] on July 6th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he would build new factories in Asia other than China. However, he also said that the priority of the plan to build a plant in Asia comes after the construction of a plant in Berlin and a second plant in the United States. Some media speculated that Tesla may give priority to the site in view of the sound automobile industry systems in Japan and South Korea.

[Volkswagen ID.3 will launch R-label model to become ID. The only performance version in the family] recently, citing sources, said that the Volkswagen all-electric compact ID.3 will launch the R-label model, which may be launched in 2024. Frank Welch (Frank Welsch), head of development at Volkswagen, said that the ID.3 R model will have the strongest power performance in the ID.3 series and will become the ID.. The only performance version in the family.

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