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[SMM scrap Copper column] some scrap copper rod factories are producing at full capacity with hot orders.
Jul 7,2020 21:37CST
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Daily review of spot trading of scrap copper

Today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in Shanghai is quoted at 30-50 yuan / ton for that month's contract, the transaction price of Pingshui copper is 49580 yuan / ton ~ 49640 yuan / ton, and the transaction price of copper is 49590 yuan / ton ~ 49650 yuan / ton. Copper in Shanghai continued to rise and returned to a high of 49500 yuan / ton, an increase of more than 500 yuan / ton. After yesterday's rising water rose steadily, today's rising water pushed higher again, attracting traders to enter the market, the inquiry atmosphere was positive, and the holder maintained a strong desire to lift the water. the morning market holder quoted a rising water of 30,000,000 yuan / ton, and the copper supply in Pingshui accounted for relatively less. rising water 30 yuan / ton low price supply is fast, and it is difficult to lower the price, the standing price is raised to around 40 yuan 50 yuan / ton. Good copper quotation rises 50 yuan / ton, the same price as flat copper, but the transaction is still not as good as flat copper, downstream maintenance just need to buy, wet stalemate in the discount 60 ~ discount 40 yuan / ton quotation. Today, the market continues to rise, the supply of imported copper in the market has not seen a large influx, today's mainstream transactions are mostly concentrated in traders, strong willingness to push up prices, spot rising water holding firm to increase the boost of copper futures.

The price of bright copper in Guangdong is 44500 yuan / ton ~ 44800 yuan / ton, up 400 yuan from the previous trading day, the price difference of fine waste is 2115 yuan / ton, and the month-on-month expansion is 74 yuan. (the ticket point is calculated as 6%) the price of copper has risen sharply today, which is good for scrap copper merchants to ship and change lines. According to SMM, a scrap copper rod enterprise downstream has sufficient raw materials for scrap copper, and there is still a lot of waste copper to be inspected and stored. At the same time, cheap scrap copper rods are very popular and are currently in full production.

Import profit and loss of scrap copper

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