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China issues import quota of 176746 tons of scrap copper scrap
Jul 7,2020 09:21CST
Source:Mandarin Finance and Economics
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SMM: according to the news on July 6, China issued the largest batch of scrap metal import quotas since April, according to an official notice released on Tuesday.

The China solid waste Chemicals Management Network issued the ninth batch of restricted forms in 2020, including 176746 tons of copper scrap, 209660 tons of aluminum scrap and 4990 tons of scrap steel.

The move is likely to allay concerns about a shortage of scrap metal.

According to media calculations, in 2020, China plans to issue a total of 718500 tons of copper scrap import quota, 693659 tons of waste aluminum import quota, and 16530 tons of scrap steel import quota.

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