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[SMM scrap Copper column] High copper prices are still good for scrap copper industry to flow to downstream manufacturers.
Jul 6,2020 20:34CST
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Daily review of spot trading of scrap copper

Today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in Shanghai quoted a price of 10 to 40 yuan per ton for that month's contract, 49010 yuan / ton to 49210 yuan / ton for Pingshui copper, and 49020 yuan / ton to 49220 yuan / ton for Shengshui copper. Shanghai copper opened low and went high, followed by A shares based on 49000 yuan / ton in a straight line to 49200 yuan / ton at about 10 o'clock. The morning market holder's quotation is still in the first line of Shengshui 20 yuan / ton, the low price source market response is positive, the inquiry is active, and the flat copper buyer is happy to focus on the rising water 20 yuan / ton, so the quotation is raised to 30 yuan / ton, the price of good copper is 30 yuan / ton, and the popularity is slightly lower than that of flat copper. The downstream just needs to buy, and the supply of wet copper is still loose, and the quotation is reduced from 5040 yuan / ton to 70-60 yuan. Today, it is difficult to have room for price reduction, it is difficult to receive low-price supplies, the market inquiry atmosphere is active, and the market buying interest has significantly improved. As a result, the holders have confidence in Shengshui and are more persistent in their performance, and form a certain degree of support for the further promotion of the market.

The price of bright copper in Guangdong is 44100 yuan / ton ~ 44400 yuan / ton, which is the same as that of the previous trading day. The price difference of fine waste is 2041 yuan / ton, which is narrowed by 110 yuan compared with the previous trading day. Today, copper prices fluctuate in a narrow range, and the overall high copper price is still good for the scrap industry, and the source of waste copper flows to downstream manufacturers. According to SMM, the price of scrap copper rods in Jiangxi is deducted by about 1000 yuan on the disk, and the advantage over refined copper rods is still huge.

Import profit and loss of scrap copper

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