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[explosion] A shares of non-ferrous metals rose 15 shares by the daily limit across the board.
Jul 6,2020 16:04CST
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SMM7 March 6 News: do not envy the rising trend of U. S. stocks, recently big A shares finally soared in the difficult entanglement! The Shanghai Composite Index hit a new high of 3337.27 since early February 2018. Chinese shareholders are finally looking forward to hope!

Recently, the non-ferrous metal plate also soared collectively with the market, and today the non-ferrous metal plate rose sharply across the board, of which 13 shares rose by the daily limit! Shenhuo shares, Jiaozuo Wanfang, Zhongjin Lingnan, Chinalco, Electrical Alloy, Huayu Mining, Hanrui Cobalt Industry, China Mineral Resources, Western Mining, Yunnan Copper, Yunnan Aluminum, Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group and China Color shares sealed the trading limit. Changaluminum shares and Chihong zinc-germanium stocks also rose by the daily limit of 9.83% and 9.46%, respectively.

Silver non-ferrous, Luoyang molybdenum industry, Chinalco, Yunnan germanium industry and so on rose.

As the performance reports of listed companies in the second quarter will be released one after another, the market expects that after the domestic epidemic has subsided in the second quarter, domestic enterprises will fully resume work to catch up with work, the manufacturing industry will recover rapidly, and the operating conditions of enterprises will show a more obvious improvement compared with the previous quarter. As for the metal sector, with the general V-shaped reversal in non-ferrous metal prices in the second quarter, the profits of related companies will also rebound.

Galaxy Securities said that with the macroeconomic improvement, it is recommended to focus on the copper industry, which is highly sensitive to the economy and whose prices have rebounded nearly 40% from the bottom, and recommend Yunnan Copper, Zijin Mining, Jiangxi Copper and Western Mining. In addition, after the lifting of quarantine in the United States, the economy began to recover, and the price of crude oil has also risen from low to 40 US dollars per barrel, which will help to improve inflation expectations in the United States. Under the suppression of nominal yields in the United States by the combination of "zero interest rate + unlimited QE" of the Federal Reserve, the upward trend of inflation expectations will further reduce real interest rates in the United States, which is expected to help gold prices continue to rise. Recommend Shandong Gold, Chifeng Gold, Yintai Gold, Hengbang shares. At present, the lithium price has reached the bottom of the industry, Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Ya Hua Group and Weihua shares, which continue to recommend the upstream resource end of the industrial chain and enter the supply chain list of leading manufacturers of new energy vehicles or power lithium battery manufacturers.

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