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China has become the global manufacturing center of rare earth magnetic materials, and the gross profit of high-end permanent magnetic materials can reach 40%.
Jul 6,2020 08:33CST
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SMM Network: car Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. said that Changsha Metro Line 5, which is equipped with permanent magnet traction system and other equipment provided by the company's time Electric, was officially opened to carry passengers recently.

According to the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, this is China's first subway line with permanent magnet traction system, marking a new era for China's subway-permanent magnet era. According to third-party evaluation, the average energy saving rate of permanent magnet traction system is more than 30%.

Permanent magnet material is a kind of magnetized material which can keep constant magnetism. At present, the permanent magnet materials used mainly go through three stages: metal permanent magnet, ferrite and rare earth permanent magnet, among which rare earth permanent magnet material is the best magnetic and the fastest growing permanent magnet material at present.

Guokai Securities research found that rare earth permanent magnet materials have been developed to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets NdFeB. Previously, thanks to the unique advantages of rare earth resources and industrial policy support, China's rare earth magnetic industry has developed rapidly.

Citic Securities said that under the guidance of the policy, China is expected to build the most complete and comprehensive rare earth industry chain in the world. In addition, recently, it is suggested that we should pay close attention to the strategic allocation opportunities of rare earth plate under the game between Chinese and American powers.

On the demand side, (1) benefiting from the rapid growth of new energy vehicles and other fields, the rare earth magnetic materials industry is ushering in a new round of development opportunities; it is estimated that the total global demand for high-performance NdFeB will be about 88000 tons by 2020. (2) on the other hand, recently, Japanese magnetic materials manufacturers are actively arranging new energy business. Based on the traditional sound management strategy of "capacity expansion based on effective demand", the strategic layout of Japanese enterprises in the field of new energy also confirms the certainty of demand.

The lower reaches of permanent magnet industry are traditional fields such as consumer electronic products and basic industries, as well as new application fields such as new energy, energy saving and environmental protection. The gross profit margin of high-end demand products can often reach more than 25%, or even 40%, while the gross profit margin of low-end products is often less than 20%. Zhongtai Securities believes that the industry will develop in the direction of high input, high output value and high profit.

Guokai Securities recommends paying attention to Zhongke Sanhuan, whose permanent magnet products have reached the world's advanced level in magnetic performance; Sino-Thai Securities suggests paying attention to high-performance NdFeB leading Zhenghai magnets focusing on new energy and energy saving and environmental protection; Societe Generale Securities recommends Jintian Copper, which focuses on the development of copper processing and magnetic materials.

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