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Ningbo Liqin is in Indonesia!
Jul 3,2020 13:47CST
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SMM: on OBI Island, South Hamahera County, North Maluku Province, Indonesia, 3400 staff members were sweating on the project site invested by Ningbo Liqin Company.

"in Indonesia, many construction sites are still suspended, and it is not easy for us to start construction continuously." Cai Jianyong, chairman of Ningbo Liqin Resources Company, said.

Li Qin starts from the foreign trade of nickel mine and is a little giant of nickel mine. From 2016 to 2019, the company's nickel ore imports ranked first in the country for four consecutive years. Last year, the trade volume of nickel laterite in Liqin exceeded 20 million tons, accounting for 28% of the national share.

In recent years, efforts to extend the commercial territory to the manufacturing side, cross-provincial acquisitions, multinational factories, can be described as frequent actions.

Since 2018, Liqin has joined hands with Indonesia's Khalida Group to invest in nickel-cobalt hydrometallurgy nickel-cobalt sulfate project, RKEF nickel-iron smelting and supporting power plant projects in Indonesia, a Pacific island rich in laterite nickel ore.

With a total investment of 2 billion US dollars, these two major projects are listed in China's key project database. They are major construction projects of the Belt and Road Initiative in Zhejiang Province, and are also selected as local national strategic investment projects.

"at most, the project had more than 5500 construction workers, half of whom were Chinese employees." Cai Jianyong said.

According to the plan at the beginning of the year, Cai Jianyong was supposed to be in charge of the project construction on OBI Island at this time. However, a sudden outbreak of new coronal pneumonia disrupted the pace of his and the project's construction.

Five months ago, more than 2000 Chinese construction workers in the Liqin Indonesia project returned home for the Spring Festival, only to catch up with the epidemic outbreak and be stranded in the country. After the resumption of traffic, the Indonesian government requires these personnel to be quarantined in third-party countries for 14 days before they can return to Indonesia. However, it was not easy to wait until the quarantine period expired, the overseas epidemic began to be high, Indonesia restricted the entry of personnel, more than 2000 construction workers immediately "caught in a dilemma."

What about the construction scale of more than 10 billion projects and thousands of people?

Work hard, adjust the time limit plan in time, so that the existing construction strength of the Indonesian project is tilted to the nearing completion of the project under construction, so as to keep the focus.

At the same time, in the face of a huge employment gap, taking advantage of the local background of Indonesian partner Khalida Group, in early February, it began to recruit a large number of local construction workers, and even organized cross-border recruitment, bringing in workers from nearby Vietnam, Cambodia and other places as reserve forces to add to the corresponding positions.

In order to ensure production and epidemic prevention materials, diligent domestic procurement team responded quickly, worked overtime to purchase epidemic prevention materials, and grabbed time to ship them to the island in batches. As of June 30, OBI has received a total of 3 batches of materials, including 710000 masks, 1500 bottles of hand sanitizer, 550 sets of protective clothing, 7000 temperature guns, 7000 testing reagents and 25 ventilators.

"the timely arrival of these medical, prevention and control materials has given the broad masses of employees a reassurance." Cai Jianyong said.

In a few days, the nucleic acid detector purchased by the company will also arrive at the scene, when OBI Island, where medical facilities are weak, will have its own nucleic acid testing laboratory, which will greatly improve the detection efficiency, accuracy and coverage.

Moreover, Liqin also actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility by donating 10 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials to the Indonesian central government and governments at all levels, including 100000 masks, 10032 nucleic acid testing reagents, 3800 serum rapid testing reagents, 5 ventilators, 10000 protective clothing, 2200 goggles, 400 temperature guns and 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer.

At home, Liqin is even more timely. In February, Liqin Ningbo headquarters donated 20 million yuan to Yinzhou District Charity Federation. Subsequently, the Jiangsu subsidiary donated 3 million yuan to the local area.

In the epidemic prevention and control of the construction site, Ningbo Liqin "exports" domestic "joint prevention and control" and other modes, and also brings the villagers on the island into the prevention and control system, taking on the responsibility of organizing the epidemic prevention and control of the entire island.

Set up a joint defense and control leading group to formulate a bilingual prevention and control system between China and India; work together with local government departments to formulate strict control measures for the upper and lower islands; villagers organize joint defense teams to inspect all parts of the village to ensure that non-residents of the village are not allowed to go to the island. A series of measures have been taken to make the epidemic on the island stable and manageable.

"the company's project is not only a simple investment, but also will provide a large number of local jobs in Indonesia, so the project cannot be stopped and strict measures must be taken to prevent the virus from entering the project site." Cai Jianyong said.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, although the progress of construction has been affected to a certain extent, under the active response of the company, it has basically maintained the speed of diligence and made major breakthroughs at all critical time points.

On April 27, the wall plate of nickel-cobalt hydroxide precipitation tank was installed.

On May 5, the installation of the main body of the limestone mill was completed, and on May 15, the main body of the limonite trough scrubbing machine was hoisted.

On May 20, the stirring blade of high-pressure acid leaching feed tank began to be hoisted.

The project is expected to be completed in October and can be put into production by the end of this year. " Cai Jianyong said that at present, there are still many Chinese employees of the company who have not arrived in Indonesia. "I hope that the epidemic will be over as soon as possible and the project can be built at full capacity."

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