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July 1st LME Metal inventory and cancellation Warehouse receipt data
Jul 1,2020 16:39CST
Source:Mandarin Finance and Economics
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On July 1st, LME copper inventory decreased by 3275 tons, aluminum inventory decreased by 4300 tons.

Inventory changes of each specific warehouse

Copper stocks decreased by 3275 tons, mainly from Busan and Barcelona warehouses

Aluminum inventory decreased by 4300 tons from Klang and Johor warehouses

Lead stocks decreased by 925 tons from Rotterdam and Laiheng warehouses

Zinc inventory reduced by 25 tons from Frishin warehouse

Tin inventory decreased by 75 tons, Los Angeles warehouse decreased to offset the increase in Klang warehouse.

Nickel inventory decreased by 372 tons from warehouses in Kaohsiung and Johor

On July 1st, LME copper cancelled warehouse receipts decreased by 2.24%, and registered warehouse receipts decreased by 0.83%.

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