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Jita Semiconductor Shanghai Lingang New Factory put into production
Jul 1,2020 14:34CST
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SMM News: Huada Semiconductor's wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (GTA Semiconductor) Hong Kong new factory today (June 30) officially put into production. The "Jita Tower" of Jita Semiconductor, which was established in 2017, means to accumulate sand into a tower. In August 2018, a total investment of 35.9 billion yuan was invested to build a semiconductor characteristic production line in Lingang, Shanghai, focusing on analog circuits and power devices.

In October 2018, Jita Semiconductor merged with Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor, so that Jita Semiconductor has two plants in Lingang and Caohejing. With the help of Shanghai advanced decades of experience in analog, high voltage, power device manufacturing and research and development, it has laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the market competitiveness of Jita semiconductor characteristic process production line.

The port-to-port capacity layout is dedicated to the characteristic process production lines for industrial control and automotive electronics and other high-end applications: 8-inch production line 60, 000 wafers / month, 12-inch specialty process production line 3000 / month, and 6-inch SiC production line 5000 / month, the goal is to significantly enhance the core competitiveness and large-scale production capacity of China's power devices (IGBT), analog circuits, power management and sensors. It is planned to start the first phase of the 8-inch featured chip production line in 2020 and start the second stage 12-inch featured chip production line in 2023.

Caohejing plant has a 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch production line, with an annual output of about 780000 wafers. The products are mainly used in industrial control, automotive, electric power, energy and other fields. Shanghai Advanced has nearly 30 years of R & D experience in analog, high voltage and power device manufacturing, covering BCD, HVCMOS, BiCMOS and other process technologies.

Power IC technology process platform meets the requirements of high reliability and safety standards of automotive electronics BCD process platform; its IGBT process platform produced the first qualified IGBT2-1200V chip in China in May 2004, which laid the foundation for the leading position of domestic production of IGBT, with emphasis on the subsequent development of 600V/1200V Trench IGBT. TVS characteristic process technology, has formed a series of low voltage / ultra-low capacitance / low leakage TVS manufacturing process. MOSFET process technology platform has formed many kinds of MOSFET process platforms including planar MOSFET, Trench MOSFET and Super-Junction MOSFET, and the medium and low voltage MOSFET (SGT MOSFET) process platform with shielded gate structure is being developed. SiC process technology platform, 1200V JBS is in the development stage, and the follow-up 650V JBS and 1200V/650V Planner/Trench MOSFET are planned.

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