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Ministry of Finance allocates 10.8 billion subsidies for new energy vehicles * Tesla's market capitalization exceeds 200 billion US dollars.
Jul 1,2020 09:40CST
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10.8 billion yuan! Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on issuing a fund budget for energy conservation and emission reduction subsidies for 2020, which includes the settlement of subsidies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in provinces and cities in 2015 and 2018 and the advance allocation of subsidies for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. According to the notice, the subsidies for new energy vehicles in 2015 and previous years totaled 127.22 million yuan, the subsidies for new energy vehicles totaled 6.8202 billion yuan, the subsidies for new energy vehicles totaled 980.78 million yuan in 2018, and 2.83869 billion yuan was earmarked in advance for new energy vehicles in 2010. a total of 10.767 billion yuan in subsidies for new energy vehicles. A total of 907132 new energy vehicles have been approved for promotion this time, of which Anhui is the region with the largest number of new energy vehicles, followed by Shenzhen, Shaanxi, Shanghai and Beijing, and BYD is the enterprise with the largest number of new energy vehicles. followed by BAIC, Geely, Jianghuai and SAIC.

[Tesla shares continue to break the record high market capitalization of US $200 billion] on Tuesday, Tesla shares continued to rise to a record high of US $200 billion. Tesla rose 6.70% to $1079, with a market capitalization of $199.9 billion, with shares hitting $1085.99 at one point in intraday trading. Credit Suisse had expected Tesla, the electric carmaker, to deliver more than expected in the second quarter of 2020 and was expected to make a quarterly profit again. Dan Levy (Dan Levy), an analyst at Credit Suisse, said in a note to investors: "recent reports show that Tesla's sales in June are very strong and that the company's second-quarter delivery is likely to be between 90, 000 and 100000, while the seller's consensus expectation is 70, 000 and the buyer's consensus is likely to be 80, 000. During this period, market expectations rose significantly. We believe that this will have a positive impact on the company's share price. "

[Tesla is expected to deliver 100000 vehicles in the second quarter or exceed the record for the same period] Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy said recently that Tesla's sales in June were very strong and delivery was likely to reach 9-100000 in the second quarter. At the same time, Dan Levy estimates that of the 9-100000 deliveries, about 31000 will come from China, less than 35000 from Fremont and about 25000 from global inventory. Another person familiar with the matter revealed a more specific figure. In June, Tesla delivered more than 50,000 vehicles in the United States, with nearly 10,000 vehicles in transit, he said. In addition, Tesla sales are likely to exceed expectations again in Europe and Asia.

[Guangzhou Automobile Weiwei will complete the first round of financing amount and lineup in the second half of the year] Guangqi Wei will complete its first round of pre-A financing in the second half of this year, and the amount and financing lineup have been basically finalized. A person inside Guang Qi Wei Lai said that after the follow-up funds are in place, Guang Qi Wei Lai will enter the real power stage. Guangqi Weilai was founded in August 2017 as a joint venture between Guangzhou Automobile Group and Xilai Automobile.

[Hyundai launched its first electric minibus with a range of 250km / seating capacity of 15 to 33] it is reported that Hyundai has launched its first electric minibus, the County Electric, to replace diesel buses with an economical, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient County Electric in the South Korean market. The County Electric is 7.71m long and is equipped with a highly efficient and high-power 128-kWh lithium-ion polymer battery with a range of 250km when fully charged and can be configured with 15 to 33 seats.

On June 30th, the Baojun base megawatt large-scale photovoltaic wind energy integrated utilization energy storage power station developed by SAIC GM Wuling Organization was officially put into use, with a storage capacity of up to 1000kWh. with the rated power of 250kW, it is the first power battery echelon utilization energy storage system in Guangxi. The power station is built with retired power batteries in the R & D phase of Baojun E100 and Baojun E200. At present, SAIC GM Wuling has also made a lot of research investment on V2G/V2H, base trailers and forklifts, lithium batteries of AGV cars, and on-board solar photovoltaic technology. In the future, the decommissioned batteries of Hongguang MINI electric vehicles will also be recycled step by step to produce new value.

[2024 high-performance version of Volkswagen ID.3 R rendering exposed] A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen will launch a performance version of ID.3 R based on MEB platform to build ID.3 in 2024. The car will have a maximum power of more than 300 horsepower and will be equipped with a newly developed power battery pack from Volkswagen.

[Ningde Times: application for non-public offering of shares approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission] Ningde Times announcement, the company recently received a "reply on approving the non-public offering of shares of Ningde Times New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd." issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the specific content of the reply is that the approved company's non-public offering of no more than 221 million new shares leads to a change in the total share capital due to the transfer of share capital, etc., The number of this issue can be adjusted accordingly.

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