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[5.28 Lithium Express] Shaanxi Province: give appropriate support to car-free families in purchasing the first household new energy vehicle * it is said that Volkswagen will acquire a 50% stake in Jianghuai.
May 28,2020 09:34CST
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[Shaanxi Province: give appropriate support to car-free families in purchasing the first household new energy vehicle] Shaanxi Province issued a number of measures to promote market consumption and actively respond to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. According to the measure, the replacement of new energy buses in various cities (districts) will be strengthened. Cities (districts) with conditions can give appropriate support to the purchase of new energy buses and fuel cell vehicles, as well as the purchase of the first domestic new energy vehicles by car-free families. All cities (districts) are encouraged to study the support policy of automobile going to the countryside and organize the promotion activities of automobile going to the countryside. Encourage leading automobile sales enterprises to develop new forms of business offline and online. Automobile manufacturers are encouraged to actively participate in government procurement, bring automobile products into electronic stores and expand sales.

[it is said that Volkswagen will buy 50% of Jianghuai] on May 27, Jianghuai issued a risk notice on the recent stock price limit, saying that JAC Holdings is planning to introduce strategic investors and is currently in the initial stage of deliberation and planning. A final plan has not yet been formed, so there is significant uncertainty about the matter. According to people familiar with the matter, the strategic investor to be introduced by Jianghuai this time is Volkswagen Group, which is currently in the final stages of talks to acquire a 50 per cent stake in Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group. In terms of transaction price, the acquisition may not be less than 3.5 billion yuan. In addition, Volkswagen will also become the largest shareholder in electric car battery maker Guoxuan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., and the two deals could be announced as early as Friday, and all three parties declined to comment on the incident, the person familiar with the matter said.

[Daimler plans to invest 1 billion euros to build a global battery production base] according to the plan, Mercedes-Benz plans to invest more than 1 billion euros to build a battery production network in many countries and regions, including China, Germany and the United States. at present, there are nine battery factories that have been completed or are under construction. Daimler has said that Daimler's spending on power batteries is expected to be 20 billion euros before all nine battery plants reach production capacity and are able to meet their own needs. "the power battery plant in China has been put into production, a number of power battery plants in the United States and Europe are under construction, and the No. 56 plant in Sindfengen, Germany, will be officially opened this year." Kang Linsong said the construction of the battery plant was particularly important for Mercedes-Benz's electrified product offensive.

[LG Chemistry becomes battery supplier to Hyundai Automotive Group] Hyundai Group has chosen LG Chemistry as one of the battery suppliers for its upcoming new electric vehicles, a Hyundai Group spokesman said on Wednesday. Details of the supply contract, including the electric car model and the full transaction value, have not yet been finalized, the spokesman said.

[Tesla adjusts the price of imported cars Model Spicer X by 29000] A few days ago, according to Tesla officials, it will reduce the prices of all models on sale in the North American market. In the Chinese mainland market, Model S and Model X, as imported models, will also simultaneously reduce the base price by 29000 yuan, while overcharging will be based on the principle of charging according to use.

[BMW's new X2 plug-in model pure electric battery life 57km is expected to be released in July 2020] recently, according to overseas media, BMW will launch the new X2 and release the official map. It is reported that the new X2 will launch a plug-in hybrid model with a xDrive 25e tail mark. The battery life of the new car can reach 57km, and the fuel consumption can be as low as 1.7L/100km when the car is full of fuel and electricity. The new car is expected to be released as soon as July this year, and then it is expected to be sold domestically in 2021.

[Shenzhen has introduced measures to support the development of intelligent Internet vehicles with a maximum subsidy of 200 million yuan.] recently, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission issued a number of measures in Shenzhen to support the development of intelligent Internet connected vehicles. The "measures" point out that we should speed up breakthroughs in the core links of the industrial chain. Focusing on the core areas and important links of the intelligent network automobile industry chain, focusing on the technical shortcomings restricting the development of the industry, offering a global reward to the task undertaking team, focusing on solving bottleneck problems such as the engineering of cutting-edge technology and the development of key components, it will be funded according to 40% of the total investment of the project, with a maximum of no more than 200 million yuan.

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