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[special topic on SMM] Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. plans to raise an additional 6.2 billion to expand production and build a new high-nickel project to enhance resource self-sufficiency.
May 27,2020 16:52CST
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SMM5: on the evening of May 22nd, Huayou Cobalt Industry announced that the company plans to raise an additional 6.25 billion yuan for the annual production of 45000 tons of high nickel metal matte, the annual production of 50, 000 tons of ternary precursor materials for high-nickel power batteries, the construction project of Huayou headquarters Research Institute and supplementary liquidity. This shows that Huayou Cobalt, the largest supplier of cobalt products in China, is accelerating the layout of the industrial chain of new energy lithium materials.

It is planned to greatly increase the production capacity of ternary precursors in the next three years.

In terms of the necessity of the project, Huayou Cobalt believes that the new energy vehicle industry is currently in the stage of rapid growth and has become an important industry leading the green development of the world. Major countries and international mainstream car companies around the world have accelerated the layout of automobile electrification transformation, and the gradual replacement of electric vehicles for fuel vehicles has become the inevitable trend of the long-term development of the industry in the future. Ternary power battery is the mainstream power of new energy vehicles, while high nickel ternary material has significant advantages in mileage, energy density and material cost. High nickelization has become the future development trend of ternary power battery. With the promotion of the high nickel content of the power battery, the proportion of nickel in the battery gradually increases. The cost of nickel sulfate in different types of ternary precursors accounts for 31mur66%, of which the cost of nickel sulfate in high nickel NCM811 can reach more than 60%. With the upgrading of the new energy vehicle industry, the use of nickel sulfate for bicycles will increase significantly, and the demand for nickel resources in the field of lithium electricity will show explosive growth. In the future, the supply of high-quality nickel resources will gradually decrease, and the strategic safety of nickel resources has become an issue of common concern to the whole industry.

After refining, the nickel products of this project will be mainly used as raw materials for the production of ternary precursors of the company. Up to now, the company has put into production and is under construction of ternary precursors with a total production capacity of 100,000 tons / year: among them, the wholly owned production capacity of ternary precursors has been completed and put into production; the total production capacity of ternary precursors jointly built with LG Chemical and POSCO is 45,000 tons / year, which is currently under construction or has entered the commissioning and trial production stage of the production line.

In the next three years, the company plans to increase the wholly-owned production capacity of ternary precursors to more than 150000 tons / year, and the joint venture construction of ternary precursors to more than 130,000 tons / year. The above raw materials for self-owned and joint venture ternary precursors are mainly provided by the company, in which the amount of nickel metal required will exceed 100,000 tons / year. The complete layout of the downstream production capacity of the company has laid a good market foundation for the digestion of the new production capacity of the project.

Enhance the self-sufficiency ability of nickel products and consolidate the company's cost advantage of ternary precursors

The construction site of the project is Hama Hera Island in Indonesia and its surrounding area, which is one of the most abundant laterite nickel resources in the world, and the local nickel ore is in abundant supply. The project company will ensure a stable supply of raw materials in a variety of ways. At the same time, the project partner Qingshan Group has been engaged in the development of nickel resources in Indonesia for many years, which will provide strong experience and resource guarantee for the project. In addition, Indonesia is rich in coal resources and good quality, which can provide sufficient raw materials for the coal-fired power plants to be built in this project. The project is proposed to be built in (IWIP) Weidabe Industrial Park, a national key industrial park designated by the Indonesian government. The park has completed the work of "three links and one leveling". The infrastructure such as site, electric power, water supply and drainage, environmental protection and fire protection is relatively perfect, and the transportation of the park is convenient. The better mode of industrial agglomeration and the integration of mining and metallurgy in the park provide good conditions for the implementation of the project.

The company plans to set up Huake Nickel Indonesia Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 70%. The construction content includes 4 drying kilns, 4 roasting rotary kilns, 4 mine thermal furnaces, 4 Pmurs converters and supporting facilities, supporting the construction of 250MW coal-fired power plant. After the completion of the project, it will produce 45000 tons of high nickel matte per year. The project deals with 4144300 tons of laterite nickel ore with 1.85% nickel content (wet base), produces 57692 tons of high matte products per year, and contains 45000 tons of nickel metal.

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