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[SMM scrap Copper column] the lack of price difference in scrap copper trade is in a relatively awkward situation for the time being.
May 26,2020 18:32CST
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Daily review of spot trading of scrap copper

Today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in Shanghai is quoted at 180-220 yuan / ton for that month's contract, the transaction price of Pingshui copper is 43980 yuan / ton ~ 44070 yuan / ton, and the transaction price of copper is 43990 yuan / ton ~ 44080 yuan / ton. Shanghai copper futures rose to 43800 yuan / ton above shock finishing. Morning market next month ticket rise water 180 ~ rise water 200, when the month ticket quotes rise water 200 ~ rise water 210 yuan / ton, the low price goods source is favored by the market high, the transaction is OK, then rises the water to lift, that month ticket flat water copper is as high as 210 yuan / ton, good copper is as high as 220 yuan / ton, but the transaction is not as good as the morning market, wet copper quotes 150 to 180 yuan per ton per day, downstream to enter the market to supplement items, mostly when the monthly ticket. Today, the market transaction still revolves around the demand for bills of the current month, and most of the holders have carried out next month ticket transactions, and the difference between the ticket price of that month and that month is about 20 yuan / ton, the inventory has maintained a downward trend, and the holder is still not satisfied with raising the water at the same time. However, with the market rising at the same time, the acceptance of traders still needs to undergo repeated seesaw tests between delivery and investment, and both supply and demand are competing for the right to speak in the transaction at the end of the recent month.

The price of bright copper in Guangdong is 40400 yuan / ton ~ 40700 yuan / ton, which is 200 yuan higher than that of the previous trading day, and the price difference of fine waste is 938 yuan / ton, which is 28 yuan higher than the previous trading day. Recently, imports of scrap copper have arrived one after another, further alleviating the problem of raw materials for waste enterprises, but it has little impact on scrap copper traders, because the supply is still in a state of shortage, market quotations are strong, traders lack profit spreads, and the scrap copper trading industry is in a relatively awkward situation for the time being.

Import profit and loss of scrap copper

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