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[stock market resumes] the index of the two markets continued to rise, and the Shanghai index rose 1.08 per cent, led by the consumer electronics sector.
May 26,2020 16:10CST
In the afternoon, the index consolidated at a high level, and the performance of the creative index was still strong. On the disk, intellectual property rights, new crown virus detection plate performance is strong. More than 100 shares in the two cities rose by the limit, on the market, the Kechuang board was strong across the board, and the strong performance of consumer electronics and other theme concepts continued to lead the rise in the morning. Bulls occupy a dominant position in the market, individual stocks in the two cities are up, the concept of the theme continues to be active, and the overall money-making effect is better. By the end of the day, Prev was up 1.08% at 2848.34 points, Shenzhen Index was up 2.10% at 10815.03 points, and Chuangxin Index was up 2.96% at 2112.95 points.
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SMM5 on June 26: the morning index opened high, followed by the three major stock indexes rising unilaterally, the Shenzhen Composite Index and Chuang Index showed a strong performance. On the market, consumer sectors such as home appliances, tourism, electronics and so on showed a strong performance, while the automobile sector strengthened sharply, and yesterday's strong liquor stocks showed a pullback. On the whole, the market mood was more positive in early trading, and the three major indexes continued to consolidate at a high level near midday. As soon as technology stocks changed their declining trend, they continued to rise, Internet celebrities and consumer electronics plates continued to rise. In addition, the performance of secondary new stocks and science and technology board stocks also strengthened. In the afternoon, the index consolidated at a high level, and the performance of the creative index was still strong. On the disk, the intellectual property rights, the new crown virus detection plate performance is strong, the market popularity is still positive, the money-making effect is OK. In late trading, the Prev index rose 1%, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 2%, the Chuang Seng Index rose nearly 3%, and more than 100 shares in the two markets rose by the daily limit. On the disk, the Kechuang board strengthened across the board, and the strong performance of consumer electronics and other theme concepts continued to lead the rise in the morning. Bulls occupy a dominant position in the market, individual stocks in the two cities are up, the concept of the theme continues to be active, and the overall money-making effect is better.

By the end of the day, the Prev closed at 2848.34 points, up 1.08%, with a turnover of 204.1 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Composite Index reported 10815.03 points, up 2.10%, with a turnover of 317.8 billion yuan; and the pioneering Index reported 2112.95 points, up 2.96%, with a turnover of 113.4 billion yuan.

Plates and individual stocks

Electronic consumer plate, Tianzhun Technology, Huaxingyuan Chuang, Stick, Gongda Electronics, Golden Harvest Intelligence, Crystal Optoelectronics, Gore shares, Intelligent Power, Lianchuang Electronics, Bojie shares and other shares strengthened collectively.

Today, the net inflow of main capital into the top ten

Review of changes

The whole vehicle plate was pulled up, Valin Xingma and Jianghuai Motor rose 8%, while dawning shares, BYD, Guangzhou Automobile Group and so on rose slightly.

Tire pressure monitoring plate pull up, access to the electric limit, Baolong technology, Wantong intelligent control, Kangster, Hongquan things couplet and so on.

Scenic spots and tourism plate pull up, Caesar travel industry impact limit, China Travel Service, Tengbang International, number 100 Holdings, Zhejiang Yongqiang and so on.

The economic plate of Internet celebrities was pulled up, and Zhongguang chose to rise by the daily limit, which rose by more than 6% on Saturday, followed by Gravity Media, Zhongchang data, Huayang Lianzhong, Sanwu Interconnection and so on.

The concept of wireless headphones continued to rise, walkers pulled up the limit, Saint Bond shares rose more than 9%, Stryker, Huiwei Technology rose more than 8%.

Industrial marijuana plate changed to pull up, Zixin Pharmaceutical rose by the daily limit, Longjin Pharmaceutical rose by more than 6%, Lanxiao Technology, Shunhao shares, Fu'an Pharmaceutical, Baling Technology and so on rose.

The securities sector rose steadily, with Nanjing Securities rising 4%, while Bank of China Securities, Tianfeng Securities and Guojin Securities rose.

Kechuangban stocks are mostly higher, Tianzhun science and technology is up by the daily limit, Huaxingyuan is up 13%, and Xinmai Medical, Bairen Medical, Guangfeng Technology and so on are up more than 8%.

Shenzhen local stocks were active in the afternoon, Tianjian Group rose 7%, and Shenzhen property A and Shentiandi A strengthened one after another.

The Kechuangban plate broke out in the afternoon, with the Shanghai silicon industry up 15.42%, Oriental organisms up 14.26%, XD Hairsen, Watt Gas and so on, after Tianzhun Technology and Huaxingyuan rose by the daily limit.

The furniture plate rose sharply, the Elephant of Asia rose by the daily limit, Piano rose by 9%, and Jiangshan European School, Zhibang Home, Hollake, Dream Lily and so on were pulled up one after another.

Message surface

[Bancassurance Regulatory Commission: resolutely win the battle to prevent and defuse major risks and continue to contain the bubble of real estate finance]

The responsible person of the relevant departments of the Bancassurance Regulatory Commission said on the 26th that the priorities of preventing and defusing financial risks this year include the safe handling of high-risk institutions, compacting the responsibilities of all parties, and making every effort to do a good job of coordination, cooperation and policy guidance. Vigorously reduce the high-risk shadow banking business to prevent a resurgence. We will continue to strengthen the disposal of non-performing assets and improve the accuracy of asset classification. We will resolutely implement the requirements of "housing speculation" and continue to curb the bubble of real estate finance. With regard to financial groups set up in violation of laws and regulations, under the premise of stabilizing the overall situation, we should seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, make every effort to clean up assets, recover stolen goods, and reform and reorganize. We will further promote the special rectification of online lending and strengthen the standardization of Internet insurance. We will continue to make efforts to cooperate with local governments to deepen the reform and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, speed up economic restructuring, and resolve hidden debt risks.

[central bank: keeping M2 and the growth rate of social financing significantly higher than last year]

In the next stage, a prudent monetary policy will be more flexible and moderate. in accordance with the requirements set out in the Government work report, we will comprehensively use and innovate a variety of monetary policy tools to ensure reasonable and adequate liquidity. keep the growth rate of broad money M2 and social financing significantly higher than that of last year.

[the central bank suspended the reverse repurchase operation of 10 billion yuan for 37 consecutive trading days]

The open market of the central bank will conduct a seven-day reverse repurchase operation of 10 billion yuan today, with a net investment of 10 billion yuan on the same day because there is no expired reverse repurchase today. The central bank has suspended reverse repurchase operations for 37 consecutive trading days.

[central bank governor: there is no timetable for the official launch of digital currency]

In an interview on key issues during the "two sessions," the governor of the people's Bank of China said that at present, the research and development of digital RMB follows the principles of steady, safe, controllable, innovative and practical. First, internal closed pilot tests were conducted in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu and the future Winter Olympic Games to test theoretical reliability, system stability, functional availability, process convenience, scenario applicability and risk controllability. However, the current pilot test is only a routine work in the process of research and development, which does not mean that the digital RMB will be officially issued on the ground, and there is no timetable for when it will be officially launched.

[Li Xiaojia suggested that the "New Stock Connect" should be implemented in the Greater Bay area on a trial basis. HKEx replied: no new developments have been disclosed yet.)

Li Xiaojia, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chief executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said on May 25 that consideration could be given to the trial implementation of new stock exchanges in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay area. A spokesman for the HKEx said in an interview with reporters that Li Xiaojia made the above proposal during the group's speech, and there is currently no new progress on the "New Stock Link" to be disclosed.

Institutional point of view

Looking to the future, Northeast Securities said that the market is still in a volatile pattern, with the index falling below the 20-day moving average and releasing certain technical risks, there is not much room for the short-term market to continue to decline.

Great Wall Securities pointed out that the uncertainty in overseas markets remains, the undervaluation, growth and risk aversion of A shares are highlighted again, and the follow-up net inflow of foreign capital is expected to continue to be stable.

Haitong Securities said that in the short term, the market rebound has ended since March 19, and the market has entered a pullback phase. However, from a medium-term perspective, it is still in the shock momentum after the low of 2 waves of the bull market, and prepare for the rise of 3 waves of the bull market. The three-wave rally in the bull market requires a rebound in fundamental data and energy savings at present.

Guotai Junan Securities said that when the two sessions were in the period of recovery and early expansion, they performed better after the two sessions; when they were in the late stage of recession, they performed poorly after the two sessions. Into the current economic cycle, in the transition stage from recession to recovery, combined with the historical law, with the economic recovery, the market is expected to decline first and then rise after the two sessions. The lower-than-expected benefits released by the two sessions and the higher-than-expected recent risk factors are the reasons for the current market adjustment. Industry configuration, adhere to the "low valuation + stable profit" direction.

Guosheng Securities said that the shock period should still maintain long-term thinking, and technological growth will be the main line of the medium-and long-term market. On the one hand, in the face of the complex internal and external situation, easing will still be the medium-and long-term policy tone. The two sessions have made more clear arrangements for "proactive fiscal policies should be more active and promising, and prudent monetary policies should be more flexible and moderate." the benefits of structural policies such as fiscal and monetary leniency and new infrastructure will continue to be released. Therefore, we do not believe that the index has a greater risk, nor do we recommend a systematic reduction of positions. On the other hand, the pace of capital market reform such as the gem registration system is accelerated, and institutional change will provide a long-term driving force for transformation and upgrading and scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, it is still recommended to maintain long-term thinking, in the shock period to select the structure, layout of the future, scientific and technological growth will be the medium-and long-term main line.

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