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[selection of SMM Weekly report] the tin plate in Shanghai is generally promoted first and then suppressed in the near future, and the import of tin ore remains relatively stable in the near future.
May 23,2020
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"SMM Tin Industry chain Weekly report" is released. SMM will select hot topics, prices, quotations or major changes in the industry chain and release information for your reference.

The following is an excerpt from the weekly report of SMM tin industry chain:


This week, the spot price of Shanghai tin follows the overall trend of Shanghai tin market, which rose sharply at the beginning of the week and once made up for the decline since mid-March. Shanghai tin spot prices rose obviously, and some traders made purchases. Spot rising water range downward, downstream enterprises due to fear of heights and other factors to maintain a wait-and-see mentality just need to buy.

Tin fell in Shanghai on Friday, while spot prices rose, but the overall price was still lower than in the previous period. The overall transaction atmosphere in the Shanghai-tin spot market this week is mediocre. In terms of rising discount, affected by the market fluctuation, the rising water range of the week showed a trend of first decreasing and then increasing. On Friday, the price of Yunxi in the Shanghai tin 2007 contract rose around 4500mur5000 yuan / ton, the ordinary Yunzi rose around 4000mur4500 yuan / ton, and the small brand rose around 3500 yuan / ton.

Recent tin imports have maintained a relatively stable situation, according to market participants expect short-term tin imports may continue to maintain a relatively tight supply. The performance of processing fees is relatively stable.


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