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Wen Ku: at present, the focus of development is on digital infrastructure.
May 21,2020 11:55CST
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SMM: at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council today, Mr. Wen Ku, press spokesman and director of the Department of Information and Communications Development, asked the reporter, "first question, what are China's plans for investment in new infrastructure?" Does China think that such investment will have a positive impact and give a strong boost to China's economic recovery after the epidemic? Secondly, does China think that there are some risks in investing in new infrastructure? How does China assess these risks? " Responded.

Wen Ku said that from the perspective of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the focus of our current development is on digital infrastructure. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has continuously issued documents such as promoting the accelerated development of 5G and further promoting the all-round development of mobile animal networking, in order to speed up the construction and development of digital infrastructure. we will give better play to the important role of stabilizing investment, expanding domestic demand and stimulating economic growth. There are the following aspects:

The first is to expand effective investment. In particular, we talk about "effective investment" to promote consumption. Taking 5G network construction as an example, in addition to the large amount of money needed for network construction itself, it can also drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including R & D and production of related equipment and mobile terminals, as well as nurture and strengthen new types of consumption such as online education, smart home, immersive games and so on.

The second is to cultivate new models, new forms of business and new industries. For example, we have all seen the use of 5G and other networks to carry out some business during the epidemic, such as telemedicine, online office, and even the defense of our college students, master's degree students and doctoral students. there are also the opening ceremony of the WHO Conference, the special summit of leaders of the 20 countries, and so on, all of which are carried out using the digital infrastructure. Through these new infrastructure, technology is transformed into productive forces, which provides a guarantee for the restoration of economic and social order.

The third is to empower the traditional industries digitally. At present, there are more than 70 platforms with certain regional and industry influence in the industrial Internet field, which have been continuously expanded in the depth and breadth of application in energy, transportation, medical and other industries, effectively improving production efficiency and quality, supporting the digital transformation of traditional industries, and enhancing the competitiveness and overall development level of traditional industries.

In the next step, in accordance with the established principles that have been deployed, we will pay close attention to the implementation of the documents and policies that have been issued, and strive to build and apply them well. in particular, we would like to say that we should not only build well, but also apply our new infrastructure. As we often say, the key areas of 5G, optical fiber network, and data center should be accurate in order to make up for their weaknesses, speed up the process, and do a good job in the battle for the upgrading of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain.

With regard to the risks you mentioned just now, our enterprises are not slapping the forehead and pushing up regardless of everything, but according to our market, our needs, and our stage of development. healthy, sustained and continuous promotion of these new infrastructure construction.?. Thank you for your concern.

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