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Charging pile plate change pull up! Heshun Electric rose by the limit
May 13,2020 10:48CST
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SMM5 13: today, charging pile plate change pull up, Heshun Electric rose, Yongfu shares rose more than 7%, Pinggao Electric, Sheng Hong shares, Guodian Nanzi and so on.

As of press time, the charging pile section has gone up very well.

Yesterday, the state grid wholly owned subsidiary of the national grid electric online held the "national network electric social pile open platform partner forum", officially to small and medium-sized charging operators to provide free operating platform. The establishment of an open platform is the solution put forward by the State Grid for the pain points upstream and downstream of the charging pile industry chain.

Xu Ji Electric, Colin Electric, Tong and Electronics, Koda, Shenghong shares and other charging pile manufacturing-related listed companies have obtained the national network electric test pass certificate, the charging piles sold can be directly connected to the national network platform. The State Grid is weaving a "charging grid" of social charging piles covering the whole country, which is expected to attract social capital to pour into the charging pile industry and set off a new upsurge of pile construction.

Xu Yanhua, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and secretary-general of the China Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, said in a recent interview that in her view, promoting the healthy development of the charging pile industry is crucial to the new energy vehicle industry.

At present, the main business of charging pile industry related enterprises is divided into two directions, one is equipment manufacturing enterprises, providing charging pile equipment, and the other is focused on service business, operating facilities and so on. In Xu Yanhua's view, the biggest feature of the charging pile industry is that it is a full-cycle service industry. After the completion of pile construction, enterprises still need to invest a lot of energy to operate, which also leads to high costs.

Xu Yanhua believes that the charging pile industry involves a series of related issues such as land, site construction and so on, which is an important support for the new energy vehicle industry, and even closely related to the national energy strategy.

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