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[SMM Analysis] supply differences Silicon prices vary after May Day
May 8,2020 18:18CST
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SMM5 March 8: the price of some metallurgical grade low-grade silicon rose slightly this week. The mainstream transaction price of non-oxygenated silicon in East China is 10300 yuan / ton, while that of oxygenated silicon is around 11000 yuan / ton. The supply of low-grade silicon is low and the short-term orders of the silicon factory are abundant, coupled with the rise in the cost of steam freight after the festival, the silicon factory then raised its offer. On the other hand, due to the relatively abundant supply of chemical grade silicon and the pessimistic expectations of increased supply and lower costs in the flood season, the monthly tender prices of several single plants generally fell this week, and 42 million silicon was about 600 yuan / ton lower than at the beginning of April.

The recovery of domestic downstream construction is not obvious, and some of the downstream start-up load has even shrunk, and the downstream start of foreign trade has recovered slightly compared with the beginning of April, but only manifested in the increase in the number of inquiries. Under the dual pressure of increased supply and poor orders, most of the downstream at home and abroad are cautious about purchasing mainly by digesting inventory.

Recently, it is mainly concerned about the resumption of production of silicon plants after the reduction of electricity prices in Sichuan, Yunnan Province to the high water period at the end of May.


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