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[stock market recovery] three major indexes are high, volatility, Prev, 2900 points, digital currency leads the day.
May 8,2020 16:17CST
In the afternoon, the two cities maintained a strong concussive situation in the afternoon, the Prev index once stood on 2900 points, and then the three major indexes were consolidated at a high level. On the disk, the subject matter concept continued to improve, the letter creation plate was more strong, and the home appliance plate was active. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was up 0.83% at 2895.34 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 1.27% at 11001.58 points, and the gem index was up 0.87% at 2125.24 points.
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SMM5 month 8: affected by the external market, the three major indices high open shock higher, the Shenzhen Composite Index performance is strong, hit 11000 points, refreshing the highest since March 12. On the market, the Beidou satellite plate pulled up, and in the afternoon, the two cities maintained a strong shock in the afternoon, with the Prev standing above 2900 points at one point, followed by the high consolidation of the three major indices, and on the market, the concept of the theme continued to improve, and the Xingchuang plate was relatively strong. Home appliance plate is active across the board, individual stocks in the two cities are up more and less, the number of falling limit is less than recently, the board explosion rate is general, and the money-making effect continues to improve.

By the end of the day, the Prev index was up 0.83 per cent at 2895.34 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 1.27 per cent at 11001.58 points and the gem index was up 0.87 per cent at 2125.24 points.

Plates and individual stocks

On the news side, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on further promoting the all-round development of mobile animal networking. It is pointed out that we should speed up the construction of 5G network, achieve universal coverage of the main urban areas of cities at or above the county level by the end of 2020, and improve the capacity of chip research and development and manufacturing to meet the demand for large-scale shipping. Sanchuan wisdom, Huizhong shares rose by the limit, Gao Xinxing, Guanghe Tong, Xintian science and technology collectively rose.

Today, the net inflow of main capital into the top ten

Review of changes

Digital currency plate opened higher, Hengbao shares rose by the limit, Radio and Television Express, Hanwei Science and Technology, Julong shares, Jincai Interconnection and so on.

Cement plate pulled up slightly, Qilian Mountain rose nearly 3%, Hainan Ruize, Jinyuan shares, Ningbo Fidelity rose slightly.

Semiconductor and component plate rose, Perry shares opened and sealed, national technology, copper peak electronics rose one after another, Broadcom integration rose 6%.

The Shenzhen Composite Index rose to 1%, the gem index rose 0.87%, and the Prev index rose 0.56%.

Kechuang board stocks strengthened, Baolandra rose to the touch plate, square technology, an Heng information, Zhuoyi information and so on rose more than 10%.

Food processing manufacturing plate pulled up, Haixin food straight up the limit, to Yifu, gold ham, Fuling mustard, sun shares rose.

The concept of liquor continues to rise, this fate, Luzhou laojiao rose more than 2%, mouth cellar, Yilite, Gujing tribute wine and so on have risen.

Securities plate slightly pulled up, Tianfeng Securities rose about 5%, Guojin Securities, Harbin shares, Dongxing Securities and so on.

Lithium battery plate changed in the afternoon, Tianqi lithium industry rose by the limit, Ganfeng lithium industry, elegant chemical group, Enjie shares rose one after another

Home appliance plate continued to be active in the afternoon, Gree electrical appliances rose 6%, Xinbao shares rose 5%, Midea Group, Changhong Meiling, Hisense household appliances rose one after another

Message surface

[Liu he spoke to Letterheitzer and Mnuchin]

On the morning of May 8, Liu he, member of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, and Chinese leader of the China-US Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, spoke with US Trade Representative Lightheitzer and Finance Minister Mnuchin.

[Ministry of Commerce: sales of frozen consumer durable goods, such as automobiles and household appliances, have rebounded significantly]

Wang Bingnan, vice minister of commerce: sales of frozen consumer durable goods, such as automobiles and household appliances, rebounded significantly. During the May Day holiday period, car sales of key monitoring enterprises in Shanghai, Chongqing and Zhejiang increased by 49.6%, 28.5% and 8.8% respectively compared with the same period last year, and home appliance sales on some e-commerce platforms doubled from the same period last year.

[abolish the quota limit for foreign institutional investors! The central bank and safe have jointly issued hundreds of billions of incremental funds on the way.]

On May 7, the central bank and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued the regulations on the Administration of domestic Securities and Futures Investment funds for Foreign Institutional investors (hereinafter referred to as the "provisions"). Clarify and simplify the requirements for the management of domestic securities and futures investment funds for foreign institutional investors, and further facilitate the participation of foreign investors in China's financial market.

[50 articles on Financial opening in Lingang New area: exploring the pilot Project of Cross-border Capital Pool in the Integration of Local and Foreign currencies]

In order to implement a cross-border financial management system to facilitate the receipt and payment of funds, the new area will explore the establishment of an integrated local and foreign currency account system and implement a more convenient cross-border fund management system. Expand the function of free trade account and promote the free inflow, outflow and convertibility of capital in the new area near Hong Kong. We will explore the abolition of the special RMB capital account for foreign direct investment and explore the pilot project of a cross-border capital pool for the integration of local and foreign currencies. We will support qualified multinational enterprise groups to concentrate on the transfer and collection of local and foreign currency funds among their members at home and abroad, and the funds will be converted according to actual needs.

The planning of Shenzhen metropolitan area is coming! Accounts for Guangdong GDP40% radiation Dongguan, Huizhou, Heyuan, Shanwei]

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued the "2019 work Summary and 2020 work Plan", which proposed to speed up the formulation of Shenzhen metropolitan area planning. We should fully learn from the development experience of the three world-class bay areas, coordinate the joint participation of the four cities of the Huihe River in Dongguan, reasonably determine the major tasks and measures for the development of the metropolitan area, and help Heyuan and Shanwei integrate into the construction of the Dawan area.

Institutional point of view

Shanxi Securities said that looking forward to the future, today is the last trading day of the week, the market is expected to remain volatile. It is expected that before the two sessions, funds will still be repeatedly explored between the plates, the game policy is good. Although this week continues to maintain the rotating trend of the plate, but trading volume has risen, market sentiment has warmed up. From a global point of view, the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States is moving towards stability, resumption of work and resumption of production, equity market fluctuations are expected to be reduced, but also good performance of A shares. On the plate side, continue to recommend investors to pay attention to major infrastructure (construction, building materials), new infrastructure (5G, cloud computing), agriculture and other deterministic sectors. The main game policy of the big infrastructure plate is good, the support of the science and technology plate has two points, one is the policy drive, the other is the recovery of consumer electronics demand after the resumption of work in Europe and the United States. From the current perspective, the positive factors are more than the negative.

Guoxin Securities analyst Yan Xiang said it is recommended to pay attention to two main lines, one is that the technology stock market is still continuing. Even if the epidemic leads to the increase of short-term fluctuations in the market and the market of science and technology stocks has been disturbed to a certain extent, the profit cycle of science and technology enterprises and the upward trend of the economy have not changed, and the capital market construction is constantly improving and the industrial support policy is also continuously increasing. the scientific and technological innovation cycle under the guidance of 5G is gradually deducting. The second is to pay attention to the variety in which the scene of fiscal stimulus has greatly improved. It is expected that after the second quarter, the focus of policy will shift from monetary easing to fiscal stimulus, and we can actively pay attention to the directional variety of potential fiscal stimulus. Under the policy stimulus, the prosperity of new energy vehicles, 5G, infrastructure and other industries is expected to improve significantly.

Wanlian Securities said that it focuses on domestic demand companies. First, it pays attention to the repair of infrastructure and real estate industry chain. It pays attention to the rising prices of iron and steel and coal in the upper reaches, the rising demand for cement, waterproof materials and construction machinery in the upper reaches, and the valuation repair of downstream real estate construction companies. Second, it pays attention to new energy vehicles, 5G, consumer electronics and other technology industries, but also has the attributes of consumption and new infrastructure investment. Third, pay attention to optional consumption, with the continuous introduction of cars and other stimulus policies, pay attention to the recovery of passenger car sales, and benefit from the completion of real estate, household appliances and other sectors.

Dongguan Securities Strategy study pointed out that on the whole, the market trend warmed up in April, the stability of the domestic epidemic situation and management increased policy support, so that the market concern about the economy and overseas epidemic situation has been alleviated, the technical trend of the market began to pick up, superimposed northward capital back to the net inflow and other factors, it is expected that the market is expected to continue to shock and stabilize the pattern in May.

China Merchants Securities said that the current price advantage of equity assets over bond assets is more obvious, for medium-and long-term investors, now is a good opportunity to increase positions in equity assets. But current political factors are likely to increase the volatility of risky assets and for short-term investors, positions need to be properly controlled. On a comprehensive basis, it is recommended that standard equity assets be allocated. In short, the macro situation in May was the darkness before dawn, and the corresponding configuration was a switch from defense to attack.

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