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[5.8Lithium Express] LG Chem becomes the world's largest EV battery supplier * Volkswagen will open ID.3 's first user bookings on June 17th
May 8,2020 10:00CST
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[LG Chem became the world's largest supplier of EV batteries jumped to 27.1 per cent], LG Chem ranked first with 27.1 per cent of the world's electric car (EV) battery usage in the first quarter of 2020, according to a new report by SNE Research, a city regulator. The report noted that the market share of, LG Chem more than doubled from the same period last year, surpassing Panasonic's share (25.7 per cent), while Ningde took third place with 17.4 per cent, down from 23.4 per cent in the same period last year. Samsung SDI, accounted for 6 per cent.

[Dazhi Technology raised 1 billion funds to invest in the annual production of 2.4GWh power battery project] according to Dazhi Technology, the company plans to issue RMB common shares to no more than 35 specific objects, including Hengling Power. The number of shares does not exceed 30% of the total share capital of the company before the non-public offering, that is, not more than 31.6827 million shares (including capital), and the total amount of funds raised does not exceed 1.073 billion yuan (including capital). Among them, the subscription amount of Hengling Power is not less than 400 million yuan (including capital). Among them, the lithium power battery (2.4GWh) construction project plans to build an annual capacity 2.4GWh lithium power battery production line in Hengyang, Hunan province. The products are mainly lithium power batteries based on MEB platform, and the main technical route is square aluminum shell power batteries with laminated high nickel silicon carbon system. The products will be used in new energy electric vehicles, energy storage and other related fields.

[Volkswagen will open its first ID.3 bookings on June 17] according to reports, J ü rgenStackmann, Volkswagen's director of sales, announced through a social platform that users who had booked a special version of Volkswagen's ID.31ST could start ordering on June 17. Volkswagen will complete its first ID.3 orders in June after the Zweicao plant in Germany, which was closed by the outbreak, resumed production on April 23, bringing the daily production of ID.3 to 100 units. J ü rgenStackmann, director of sales at Volkswagen, said he would contact users who had paid a deposit of 1000 euros as soon as possible and that the vehicle would be delivered to users in a few weeks after the order was officially confirmed.

According to foreign media reports, demand for Model 3 sedans produced by Chinese factories has not slowed. [may Day holiday Chinese Model orders exceeded 1000 units] according to foreign media reports, the market demand for Model 3 sedans produced by Chinese factories has not slowed. During the Labor Day holiday in China, domestic Model 3 orders exceed 1000 vehicles a day. The main consumers of electric cars are located in China's first-tier cities. These cities include Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, where Tesla's production base is located.

[India plans to build lithium salt production line India is expected to become the fourth largest electric vehicle market in the world] it is reported that India has begun planning to build lithium salt production line, and India plans to push ahead with its first lithium refinery after Neometals and Manikaran Power Company passed the feasibility study. The goal is for India to become the world's fourth-largest electric car market by 2040. Australia's Neometals said last week that the lithium salt plant had an annual capacity of 20, 000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide.

[100000 new electric vehicle intelligent charging piles to be built in Shanghai] recently, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal Government examined and approved the "Shanghai Action Plan for promoting New Infrastructure Construction" (2020-2022). The action plan will focus on cultivating a new economy and expanding new consumption, and speed up the intelligent transformation of terminal infrastructure, such as commerce, transportation, logistics, medical care, education, and so on. Among them, Shanghai will build 100000 new electric vehicle intelligent charging piles to build China's leading vehicle-road collaborative vehicle network and intelligent road.

[the world's first mass-produced L3 self-driving model officially abandoned the L3] it is reported that Audi's technical director Hans has confirmed that it will not provide the L3 self-driving function for the cash A8 anywhere in the world. The cash A8 was launched in 2017 and has been touted by Audi as the world's first mass-produced L3 autopilot.

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