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[stock market recovery] weak index of the two markets, the Prev index fell 0.23%, the agricultural sector performed strongly throughout the day.
May 7,2020 16:25CST
In the afternoon, the three major indexes fell back quickly, and then remained low shock, the second new stocks are stronger, the other sectors are more depressed. Overall, stocks in the two cities fell more or less, the overall volatility of the market fell, and the money-making effect declined. As of the close, the Prev index fell 0.23% to 2871.52 points, with a turnover of 268.607 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Composite Index fell 0.18% to 10863.29 points, with a turnover of 398.621 billion yuan; and the gem index fell 0.16% to 2106.84 points.
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SMM5 March 7 News: the opening of the three major indices are mixed, after the opening of the index concussion weakened, technology stocks shock consolidation, agricultural planting plate across the board active. Near the close of trading in the morning, the index rebounded slightly, the three major indexes all turned red, and on the disk, most of the theme concepts rose and fell. Stocks in the two cities rose and fell by half, and the money-making effect was general. In the afternoon, the three major indexes fell back quickly, and then remained low shock, secondary new stocks are more strong, other sectors are more depressed. Overall, stocks in the two cities fell more or less, the overall volatility of the market fell, and the money-making effect declined.

By the end of the day, the Prev index was down 0.23 per cent at 2871.52 points, with a turnover of 268.607 billion yuan, Shencheng Index down 0.18 per cent at 10863.29 points and trading volume at 398.621 billion yuan. The gem index fell 0.16 per cent to 2106.84 points.

Plates and individual stocks

On the news, sources were quoted as saying that the Commerce Department was close to issuing a new rule to allow US companies and Huawei to participate in the development of 5G network standards. Huaxing Entrepreneurship, Sinorama Science and Technology, Mai Jie Science and Technology, Creative Information, Yitong Century and so on once rose to the limit.

There is a net inflow of main capital today.

Abnormal review

5G plate high open, Huaxing Entrepreneurship, Yitong Century, Sinorama Technology, Creative Information, Majie Technology and other collective trading.

Agricultural planting plate rose rapidly, new agricultural development limit, Denghai seed industry, Fengle seed industry, Yasheng Group, Nongfa seed industry rose slightly.

Securities plate change pull up, Nanjing Securities rose 4%, Bank of China Securities, Hongta Securities, Guosheng Financial Control, CITIC Construction Investment and so on.

Mask stock changes, Guoen shares pull up the seal, Yanjiang shares, Shunjie soft, Dawn shares and so on.

Big infrastructure plate early morning change pull up, Hongrun construction rose 6.4%, Tengda construction rose 2.22%, Longjian shares, Chinalco International and so on.

Liquor concept pulled up, alcoholic wine up 5%, Shanxi Fenjiu, Yingkai tribute wine, Wuliangye and other small increases.

Secondary new stocks are strong, Xiangjia shares pull up the sealing board, Chaoyang Science and Technology, Ruixin Technology, Shangneng Electric, Jindan Technology and so on have risen sharply.

Message surface

[imports and exports in the previous four months were 9.07 trillion yuan; China's exports rose 8.2 per cent in April]

According to customs statistics, in the first four months of this year, the total value of China's imports and exports of goods totaled 9.07 trillion yuan, down 4.9 percent over the same period last year (the same below), and the rate of decline was 1.5 percentage points lower than in the first quarter of this year. Of this total, exports totaled 4.74 trillion yuan, down 6.4 percent; imports totaled 4.33 trillion yuan, down 3.2 percent; and the trade surplus was 415.7 billion yuan, down 30.4 percent. In US dollar terms, China's imports and exports totaled US $1.3 trillion in the first four months, down 7.5 percent. Of this total, exports totaled US $678.28 billion, down 9%, imports US $620.05 billion, down 5.9%, and the trade surplus decreased by 32.6% to US $58.23 billion.

[the United States plans to work with Huawei to develop 5G standards]

The Commerce Department is close to issuing a new regulation to allow US companies and Huawei to jointly participate in the development of 5G network standards, sources were quoted as saying.

[the Chinese team releases the results of the world's first animal experimental study of the new crown vaccine]

On May 6, Chinese scientists took the lead in publishing the results of animal experiments on the new coronavirus du vaccine in the top international academic journal Science (Science). Due to the rapid increase in new cases, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) quickly attracted global attention in 2019, and the pathogen was identified as SARS-CoV-2. Because of the novelty of the virus, there is no SARS-CoV-2-specific treatment or vaccine. Therefore, there is an urgent need to rapidly develop an effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

[China's new services PMI rose 1.4 percent from March to 44.4 in April]

The Caixin China General Services Business activity Index (PMI), released on May 7, recorded 44.4% in April, up 1.4 percentage points from March, but still in the contraction range, indicating that service sector output continued to decline and the downward rate slowed. Previously announced in April, Caixin China's manufacturing PMI fell 0.7 percent to 49.4, and then recovered the contraction range. Led by the PMI of the service industry, Caixin China's composite PMI recorded 47.6 in April, rising 0.9 percent, still in a contraction range.

[us initiates 232 investigation on imports of mobile cranes]

Us Commerce Secretary Ross announced on the 6th that the US Department of Commerce will launch a "232 investigation" into whether the number and condition of imports of mobile cranes are detrimental to the national security of the United States. The Commerce Department said the investigation was based on a complaint from Manitowoc, an American crane maker, in December. The company said increased imports of low-cost mobile cranes, particularly from Germany, Austria and Japan, as well as intellectual property infringement caused by foreign competition, had hurt the domestic mobile crane manufacturing industry in the US. In view of the wide use of mobile cranes in defense and key infrastructure industries, the United States has identified them as key industries.

Institutional point of view

Citic Securities said May was expected to be the second half of a-share rise in the second quarter and the best investment window for the second quarter. Configuration, it is suggested that the new and old infrastructure and related technology leaders (5G, cloud computing, new energy vehicles, etc.) as the main line; at the same time, we can continue to layout the pre-epidemic suppressed by the high-quality stagflation plate, including catering, duty-free, department stores, liquor, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, kitchen and electricity, CRO, real estate development and other sub-areas.

Shanxi Securities said that this week the market is still dominated by shock collation, funds in the game to choose a new direction. On the plate side, it is recommended to pay attention to large infrastructure (construction, building materials), new infrastructure (5G, cloud computing), agriculture and other deterministic plates.

Anxin Securities said that in the coming stage, the core keyword of the fundamental trend is "recovery." With the end of the global economic shutdown, with the support of unprecedented monetary and fiscal policies, the global economy is expected to recover, and A shares are expected to usher in a "recovery cow." The "recovery cow" is based on three excess expectations: greater-than-expected global policy co-ordination, better-than-expected economic recovery and better-than-expected domestic reforms.

Yuekai Securities believes that under the situation of severe turbulence in the global financial market, China's capital market is generally stable and resilient. At present, the overall valuation of A shares is still attractive, the performance risk of listed companies has been basically released, and the market risk preference is expected to improve. Looking back at the history of nearly ten years, the market rising probability increases after May Day. Under the performance depression, the second quarter performance has the marginal improvement expectation, the superposition policy blessing and the more loose liquidity environment, the A share does long the performance price is higher. Although the May Day holiday period of overseas markets again waves, but the negative impact on A shares on the short term, the adjustment has provided an opportunity for the allocation of funds. Gem refers to a relatively strong elasticity, superimposed registration system reform to optimize the market ecology, in this stage is expected to give priority to benefit.

Guosheng Securities pointed out that during the May Day holiday, there will be waves overseas, or short-term impact on the post-holiday market or trigger profit-taking. However, after a rare global collapse at the beginning of the year, the impact of this level of impact on A shares is limited, but once again provides a good opportunity to configure, technological growth will return to the main line of the market. Before and after the two sessions, it is often a long window with higher performance and price. The two sessions will be held on May 21 and 22. Statistics on the market performance before and after the two sessions in the past 15 years: in most years, the market as a whole rose before and after the two sessions, and the probability of systemic risk was low. It is suggested that we should actively grasp the long window with higher performance and price. Investment strategy: technology raises the banner again, while focusing on interest rate-sensitive cyclical industries. Technological growth: focus on new infrastructure, semiconductors, upstream clouds and games. Sensitive to downward interest rates while benefiting from policy hedging: brokerages, real estate, infrastructure.

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