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[SMM Express] New Development of demonstrations in Wede bay Nife Industrial Park
May 6,2020 10:30CST
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SMM5, May 6: may 4, Indonesian local media updated on the previous Wede bay Nife Industrial Park workers demonstration follow-up.

PT IWIP Agnes Megawati said that according to the results of a joint police and TNI investigation, the demonstration was provoked by five students who had so far fled.

During the provocative operation, they wore uniforms similar to PT IWIP uniforms and stopped employees on their way to work, right on the No. 1 bridge on the WIT Provincial Highway. About 800 employees were successfully affected by them and participated in their actions.

Members of the PT IWIP formal Workers' Union have delivered speeches to support the continued operation of the company. The operation was carried out in the direct company of the Chief of Police of the North Maluku region. The operation is designed to provide support for the security of the company's operations and will pursue the provocateurs and perpetrators.

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