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Changsha a number of major projects focus on the construction of long-term lithium 7 billion cathode material plant
Apr 28,2020 13:39CST
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SMM4, 28 April: on the morning of April 28, major projects in Hunan Province concentrated on 80 projects at the Changsha venue, with a total investment of 38.8 billion yuan, setting off an upsurge of "seizing opportunities, grasping projects, and stabilizing investment."

Of the 80 projects, industrial projects accounted for more than half, reaching 43, with a total investment of 27.6 billion yuan. After the completion of the long-term lithium battery cathode material expansion project, it can have a ternary material production capacity of 80000 tons / a power battery. The construction of the project is committed to building a leading enterprise of battery cathode materials. After completion, it is expected to achieve operating income of about 12 billion yuan, a total annual profit and tax of about 600 million yuan, and provide about 1200 jobs. Bring good economic benefits to enterprises, lay a solid foundation for development, enhance market competitiveness, economic and social benefits are remarkable.

Hunan long Lithium Co., Ltd. automotive lithium battery cathode material expansion project is committed to the research and development and production of NCM and NCA series products. The project is located in Changsha National High and New Technology Development Zone, with a total planned land area of 772.08 mu and a total investment of about 7 billion yuan.

The project construction is committed to creating absolute leading enterprises of battery cathode materials, strengthening the strategic layout of China Minmetals Group in the field of new energy cathode materials, strengthening strategic cooperation with other advantageous industrial groups, and forming an industrial alliance with strong international competitiveness. It is conducive to the formation of keen industrial tentacles and strong talent reserves to extend to other emerging business areas of new energy.

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