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[stock Market Review] after the two markets opened high, they fell and then V-shaped liquor stocks led the rise in early trading.
Apr 28,2020 11:48CST
In early trading, the three indexes opened higher, but the good times did not last long, and the three indexes quickly turned down. On the disk, science and technology board stocks become the main force of the decline, 99 division board once more than half of the decline of more than 10%, ultra-high pressure plate plunged sharply. Overall, money wait-and-see sentiment rose again, intraday, after a brief decline, the three major indexes stabilized and rebounded, the first index to turn red, after falling more than 2.5% at one point. On the disk, liquor stocks rose against the trend; securities, white horse stocks performed more positively, semiconductors rebounded rapidly.
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SMM4 28: early trading three major indexes high, but the good times are not long, the three major indexes quickly turned down. On the disk, science and technology board stocks become the main force of the decline, 99 division board once more than half of the decline of more than 10%, ultra-high pressure plate plunged sharply. On the whole, the mood of capital wait and see rose again, the fried board rate soared, and the market panic continued to spread. In intraday trading, after a brief fall, the three major indices stabilized and recovered, with the index leading the way, having fallen more than 2.5 per cent at one point. The transaction of the two cities gradually slowed down, and the capital mood returned to stable. On the disk, liquor stocks rose against the trend; securities, white horse stocks performed more positively, semiconductors rebounded rapidly. Near the end of the morning, all three major indexes rebounded and turned red. Although the plate stocks still fell more or less up, but the market sentiment has recovered. As of press time, the Shanghai index was up 0.11 per cent at 2818.48 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index at 10534.52 points, up 0.79 per cent, and the Chuang Index at 2044.66 points, up 1.29 per cent.

Abnormal review

Venture capital plate opened significantly, Zhongdi investment, Honggao creativity, China control Saige, entrepreneurial dark horse, Jiuding investment and other words rose by the limit, the news, "gem reform and pilot registration system overall implementation plan" deliberation and adoption.

UHV plate weakened, Jinlihua electricity, Sifang shares fell by the limit, Huijintong, Fengfeng shares, Tongguang cable and other decline led.

Digital currency plate change fell, Huijin shares fell by the limit, Julong shares fell by more than 9%, Huali Chuangtong, Radio and Television Express, Hailian Jinhui, Zhejiang number culture, and so on.

Digital rural plate change fell, agricultural products fell by the limit, Bartian shares fell more than 5%, Fubon shares, Stanley, information development, new Yangfeng and so on.

Liquor plate opening change pull up, Shanxi Fenjiu, Wuliangye up 4%, Luzhou laojiao, willing to wine industry and so on.

Division board decline expanded, Longsoft science and technology, Weisheng information, Jingchen shares, Juchen shares, excellent engraved and so on fell by more than 15%. Nearly 20 stocks fell more than 10 per cent.

Photoresist plate change pull up, Rongda photosensitive limit, Tongyi shares rose more than 6%, Nanda Optoelectronics, Jianghua micro, Pritt, Fei Kai materials and so on.

Message surface

[circular issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the Public solicitation of opinions on the Reform of the gem and the supporting Business rules of the pilot Registration system]

In order to implement the new Securities Law, ensure the smooth implementation of the gem reform and pilot registration system, standardize the issuance, examination, continuous supervision and trading of securities on the gem of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, maintain normal market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, The exchange has formulated the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem Stock issuance and listing Audit rules (draft for soliciting opinions)" Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem listed companies Securities issuance and listing Audit rules (soliciting opinions draft) "Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem listed companies Major assets reorganization Audit rules (soliciting opinions draft)" measures for the Administration of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem listing Committee (draft for soliciting opinions) "rules for the work of the Industry Consulting expert Bank of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (draft for soliciting opinions)" Special provisions on Stock Trading on the growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (draft for soliciting opinions), And the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem Stock listing rules" have been revised, see the annex for details, and now openly solicit opinions from the public. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange website)

[IDC: expects education tablet shipments to be close to 4.4 million units in 2020]

IDC tracking and monitoring data show that China's education tablet market shows a continuous growth trend: the overall education tablet market shipments in 2019 are about 4 million units, and it is expected that shipments will be close to 4.4 million units in 2020 and 4.7 million units in 2021. Compared with the declining trend of ordinary tablet shipments, the growth of demand in the education tablet market is more stable.

[Shenzhen intends to abolish or relax access restrictions for overseas investment in Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone]

Today (April 28), the regulations (draft) on the Free Trade pilot Zone at Qianhai Shekou of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone were submitted to the 41st meeting of the standing Committee of the sixth Municipal people's Congress for deliberation. In the management mode of foreign investment access, the draft regulations innovates the management mode of "non-violation and non-intervention", and explores the implementation of international investment freedom. The draft regulations also stipulate that the FTA will gradually abolish or relax access restrictions for foreign investors in the fields of finance, modern logistics, information services, scientific and technological services, cultural services, professional services, medical and health services, and so on.

Institutional point of view

Anxin Securities: the registration system will further strengthen financial support for the real economy and bring opportunities for high-tech companies that are unable to make a profit at this stage but are in a "tuyere". The implementation of the registration system will also dredge the IPO "barrier lake", devalue shell resources, accelerate the polarization of A shares, and gradually concentrate market transactions to the leader.

Galaxy Securities: last week A shares shock consolidation, northward capital small net inflow, transaction volume remained low. The market rebound driven by the repair of market sentiment has been initially completed, and the fundamental factors have become an important influencing factor in the dominant market. At present, there is still uncertainty in the control of the overseas epidemic situation, and the rising energy in the market is insufficient. Short-term markets will wait for the accumulation of upward momentum, requiring deterministic signals of improvement in fundamentals, or temporal and spatial adjustments to market movements. In the medium to long term, we are firmly optimistic about the investment opportunities when A shares are low. At present, the signal of China's policy is clear, the economy is gradually resuming production, and the impact of the epidemic on the economy is different from the economic crisis caused by the mismatch of traditional resources, and the economy will be quickly repaired after the epidemic.

Configuration recommendations: 1. Industries less affected by the epidemic and the external economic recession, including related products such as diagnosis, detection and treatment of the new crown epidemic situation, vaccines, innovative drugs and medical devices, condiments with strong pricing power, food and beverage and other necessities of life, and some core asset companies with larger margins of safety. (bottom warehouse) 2, 5G, semiconductors and other related scientific and technological varieties. (it is a flexible position in the operation of the rebound band, depending on the degree of risk preference of investors).

Tianfeng Securities: at present, the overseas epidemic is still in the stage of rapid outbreak, and the economies of Europe and the United States are likely to enter a technical recession in the first half of the year. However, considering that there is no excessive leverage before the outbreak, and the policy response after the outbreak is also very positive, it is considered that under the premise that the epidemic can be controlled, the possibility of a sustained recession or even depression is low. The most severe impact of the domestic epidemic on the economy has passed, the downward pressure in the second quarter mainly from the trade chain, the export end of serious pressure. On the policy side, consumption and infrastructure are being taken as the main starting point, and fiscal efforts are being made to cope with the downward pressure on the economy. Social financial growth is expected to rise significantly in the second quarter, and economic growth will return to positive growth, but a full return to the right track has yet to end the epidemic in Europe and the United States.

In the second quarter, we pay attention to three main lines: 1) around the stimulation of domestic demand, the impact of the overseas epidemic is small, such as medicine, must-choose consumption, agricultural planting chain, etc. 2) policy support or power direction: such as new infrastructure, old infrastructure, ultra-high pressure, cars, etc. 3) the science and technology plate is affected by the epidemic situation under short-term pressure, but the medium-and long-term logic has not changed, still long-term bullish, if there is an overfall in the second quarter, you can also choose high-quality leading to do long-term layout.

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