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Evaluation of spot Exchange Day of Electrolytic Manganese on April 27, 2020
Apr 27,2020 12:08CST
[the progress of steel recruitment in manganese factory at the beginning of Zhou Dynasty has yet to be confirmed.]
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[the progress of steel moves to increase the selling sentiment of manganese plants at the beginning of the week remains to be confirmed] on April 27, spot including tax shipments in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle revolved around 10400-10500 yuan / ton, which was stable from the average price on Friday, while the average ex-factory price of spot tax in Guangxi was 10500 yuan / ton, which was flat from the average market price on Friday. At the beginning of the week, most manganese plants produced delivery orders, the retail spot price did not decrease, some of the spot quotation concentrated in the vicinity of 10500 yuan / ton, the actual focus of negotiations has not been lowered too much. At present, with the bidding of most steel mills in May, the downstream inquiry and demand atmosphere perform better, but according to the market operators, the inquiry for the purchase of manganese metal by individual steel mills in May has a slight increase of 100-200 yuan / ton, but the final price has not been determined for the time being. Most manganese mills ship mainly in the short term, and the quotation of retail spot resources is stable for the time being. The price of electrolytic manganese in the main producing area of SMM is 10400-10500 yuan / ton, the average price is the same as that quoted last Friday.


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